Wednesday, July 5, 2017

8 weeks: First cold

We had fun at the end of our family beach trip! We went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and then on Wednesday we took Randall and Sophie to the Japanese Gardens, which was beautiful.

Miles caught his first little cold from the rest of us. Thankfully he didn't get it too bad. He is such a happy little guy, I just wish he would sleep a little better.
 Reid had fun pulling the heater around. And Aunt Sophie's bag too. :)
 Poor little sunburned guy. I'm so glad it's all better now.
 Steam tractor! He was so happy.
 We love Tillamook.
 Playing in the rocks under the table with little D.
Uncle Randall with all of the kids.
 She loves him!
 Soooooo tired. They all three slept on the way home (me too!).
 With Aunt Cindy!
 Our traditional foot photo.
 He has been doing so good while I do my workouts. He loves being held, it rocks him to sleep! I guess he's just used to it from when I was pregnant.
 The Japanese Gardens! It was gorgeous.
 Climbing the Castle Wall.
 Ruby was our navigator.
They loved the Koi pond. Ruby said, "Oh wow! This is incredible!"
 It was a little tough trying to keep them off of the raked rock garden.
 So Reid played in the gravel instead.
 So tranquil.
 We walked to the Rose Garden across the street. Such a cutie.
 My new favorite roses!
 Playing around with Snapchat.
 Playing "train".
 Reid did this whole puzzle!
 So happy!
 They love playing. They were hot, so they were relaxing by the fan.
We watched Moana, which was fun. 
 They play walk the plank sometimes, this time I think they were playing Moana.
 Tummy time!
 He's so big.
 Workout time! Ruby wanted to do a 21 Day Fix workout after I was done with mine.
 Uncle Randall and Aunt Sophie got the kids a piƱata!
 Yep, he has no pants on.
 So sweet.
 They fell asleep in Reid's bed.
 He's having the cutest, happiest awake times now. I love it.
 New baby cousin! Frances was born on Saturday, and we met her on Sunday at the birth center. She is so sweet.
 Shark baby!
 We love nap time.
 It was super hot, so we busted out the pool and water balloons!
 She liked filling them up.
 We had craft time on Monday and did the story of Jesus calming the storm.
 It was fun. Ruby made lots of fish.
 And we had a fun snack of apple pizzas with peanut butter and raisins.
 Happy guy! I can't wait until he starts laughing.
 He loves looking at his little things and batting at them.
 Helping with chores! She dusted...
...he vacuumed.

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  1. Oh, they change so fast!! These pictures are so fun, because you are engaging your kids in lots of life's opportunities!! Love you all so much!! Can't wait to see you soon!


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