Saturday, July 8, 2017

9 weeks: Miles turns 2 months!

This last week was great. Ruby went to our church kid's camp (called Camp Awesome) Tues-Thurs and had a blast! Andy took her and picked her up, which was nice. I did a few errands and fun stuff with the boys.

Miles started drooling, I think he's starting teething already. Reid got his first teeth at about 3 1/2 months, so they could be coming soon. He hasn't been sleeping great, so I'm pretty tired. In the afternoons we all try to nap, but the older two don't always go to sleep. I read to them all, then put Reid to bed in his room, and then put Ruby to bed in our bed with Miles and I. Sometimes Reid will wake up or not go to sleep, and he just goes into the living room and plays quietly. It's the cutest thing.
 We were playing around with Snapchat. :)
 Playing trains and singing.
 I put a white board on the wall in the kitchen for the kids.
 Grandma Patty came over for the morning.
 Silly Reid!
 He's getting so big.
 Family walk!
 We've been enjoying lovely weather, not too hot, not too cold. Getting outside is always nice.
 There is a really nice cat down the street named Lilly, and the kids love her. They followed her up to her house. Haha.
 The many faces of Miles. He's such an expressive baby.
 I took the boys to Les Schwab to get our battery checked out (it was fine).
 Reid loved the popcorn, and was deciding which trash can to throw the bag into.
 My boys!
 I gave the big kids a bath while Andy gave Miles a bath.
 Reid built this while I took a quick shower. And then I asked him to get behind it for a picture, and he did this. Hahaha!
 And then we built this crane. He is getting so good at building things. He's a little engineer.
 Spy glass.
 On Thursday Andy and I headed down to Independence for a wedding of one of our former youth group members. It was a nice evening away!
 In order to try to help Miles sleep better, I got him this thing called a Zipadee Zip. It helps him feel enclosed without swaddling. It has been helping a bit, but it's usually too hot at the beginning of the night for him to wear it. I usually put it on him later in the night.
 He loves looking up at his star in his swing. He's having a lot more awake and happy time.
 They love each other, even though they fight a lot.
 Two months!!
 Reid shared his baby Pluto with Miles.
 Both of my big kids have been good helpers with cooking lately.
 Miles and his new cousin Frances. He's way bigger.
 Making him all cozy.
 Silly boy.
 They were playing that their bed was a double decker bus. I love their creative play!
 Miles and I went to the midwife and the doctor on Monday. He was 14 pounds, 4 ounces! He got three vaccinations and did pretty well with them.
 After the doctor, we picked up Andy and the kids and drove down to Paul and Paula's house for a barbecue. Reid even got in the pool!
 Ruby is a little fishy and loved it.
 Roasting marshmallows. There were lots of little boys there!
 Ruby had taken a "rest" that day alone in our room, and we found that she did this to her animals.
And dressed them in Miles's clothes. Haha!

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  1. Cute as ever. It sure is great to see them grow up in these fun pictures. Glad Ruby liked VBS!! See you soon!!


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