Saturday, July 22, 2017

11 weeks: Festivals!

We've had a fun week. We went to the zoo, had a play date, we went to two festivals over the weekend, and my parents came for the night. We're enjoying our summer!

Miles rolled over for the first time on Friday. We were all in the living room, but none of us saw it! I laid him down on his tummy, and then when Andy looked, he was on his back. Third kid... how funny. I guess that happened with Reid too though, I looked over and he had rolled over.
 We went to the zoo with Grandma Patty. It was a fun day!
 They love that yellow/orange fish, it only has one eye. It has been there for years.
 Cutie! He slept through a lot of the zoo.
 Lunch time!
 They love riding this truck at the cheetah habitat. It's usually a battle to get them to leave, but I prepped them ahead of time, and they did great.
 We saw a duck sitting on a nest with eggs!
 The zoo wore everyone out and we all took a nap.
 My workout buddies!
 Bike time. I was the "gas attendant" the whole time.
 Taking Fuzzy Bear for a stroll.
 Picnic in the living room!
 Dance party! They have been into the Moana soundtrack lately. And they really love dancing.
 They didn't nap on Tuesday, so we were hanging out when we heard the ice cream truck outside! (Well, it was more like an ice cream minivan.) We followed it down the street and they each got a fudgesicle. They were so excited.
 Free dinner at Chick-fil-A! Even Miles dressed like a cow.
 Happy baby! Andy played with the kids in the play structure at Chick-fil-A while Miles and I got some necessities at Target.
 Wednesday we went to our friends' house for a play date. Reid and William play together... and fight over toys together. Hahaha
 Little Juniper is so cute!
 They love each other.
 He has been drooling a ton and chewing on his fist like crazy! I got his teething necklace out this week, I'm sure teeth are coming in the next month or so. Wow.
 They were playing "laundry" with their toy kitchen. The sink was the washer (which they stuffed with blankets), and the oven was the dryer. They're so silly and creative!
 Bath time! He loves it.
 She was very proud of her drawing.
 We laughed pretty hard over this!!!
 On Saturday we went down to Sherwood for the Robin Hood parade and festival. Reid waved during most of the parade, which was so cute. And the kids got TONS of candy. We got rid of most of it though. The kids were playing with it that evening in their room, sorting it and such. And apparently Ruby hid some of it and ate it later... naughty/sneaky girl!
 He liked watching!
 After the parade we went downtown in Sherwood to go to the Robin Hood Festival. While walking through, we ran into Robin Hood! The kids loved it.
 And then we met Maid Marian later.
 Horsey ride!
 BJ the Clown was there at the kid's stage, and these guys LOVED it. They laughed and laughed. They also had a little petting zoo with baby animals that was the best. They had a calf, bunnies, baby goat, baby pigs, chickens, and more.
 He's so happy most of the time!
 We went to a jazz festival on Sunday night. We all loved it!
 The kids got free strawberry ice cream popsicle things.
 And had fun running around and dancing!
 The music was loud, so I covered Miles's ears for a lot of it.
Building a blanket train. 
 They were playing mommy and baby, it was the cutest thing! And so sweet.
 I love his smiles.
 He was upset because "I'm big, I don't get a plastic bowl anymore, I want a real one." Hahaha
 Using my shirt as a dress. She does this often during rest time.
 I made popsicles for the kids out of fruits, veggies, and yogurt. Reid wanted to eat his outside and sat by himself out there for about 15 minutes.
Helping Mommy mop! 
Grandma and Grandpa came on Monday! The kids love playing with them. They all went to explore the forest for a little bit and did some sparklers. 
Look alikes. :)

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