Wednesday, July 12, 2017

10 weeks: Summer fun

We've had a fun week doing lots of summer activities. The kids are doing great, the only thing is that it's hard to get out of the house with three, and the older two tend to fight more when we stay at home. So I've been trying to come up with fun activities for them. Both of them are only napping a few days a week now, but they still definitely get rest time. I am lucky if I can get them all three to sleep at the same time, it's super rare now. Needless to say I'm pretty tired! Miles has been waking up a lot at night. He seems to take short naps too. I'm going to try to work on that this week.
 She was reading Psalms to us. She's such a good reader! 
 Cutie pie.
 My workout buddy.
 Giving us massages.
 They're so sweet!
 On the 4th of July we had Uncle Danny, Aunt Becca, and Frances over for dough boys. The biscuits I had bought were expired, so I made my own biscuit dough. They turned out delicious! Much better than the Pillsbury ones with shortening and other chemicals. :)
 They got jammies on and read stories outside. And then when they went to bed, all of the fireworks started and they couldn't go to sleep. So Andy took them out to see fireworks on our street, and they loved it. Ruby kept saying, "This is our lucky night!"
 Sweet boy.
They love play dough!
 Rolling a ball through a tube is so fun when you're little.
 We got her Calico Critters down, and she loved it!
 Playing Animal Hospital with the horses.
 Morning time.
 This is what our mornings look like almost every day. <3 Andy brings me coffee and we all snuggle and talk.
 We went to the park to play! Dana and her boys met us there too, which was so fun.
 Miles slept through a lot of it.
 Reid loved pushing the button. He didn't really play in the water much.
 Ruby did, and also made some friends, as usual.
 So sweet!
 Brother love.
 She wanted to make snacks, so she got out apples and peanut butter (with a little help).
 He loves his brown blanket.
 She drew this, so cute.
 Building Lego's.
 He likes to watch!
 They love Gluey Kabluey and play with it for hours. Thankfully it's really easy cleanup.
 We made a fun train track! Reid played and played with it.
 He loves looking at things. He has also started batting a things with his hands.
 Our friend Herb pulled the kids around in a wagon at our home community group.
Reid built this all by himself! It even rotated. I was pretty impressed, that boy is going to be an engineer. 
 On Saturday we got the library pass for Wings and Waves water park! It was so fun.
 Ready to play in the water.
 They loved the wave pool. Ruby would go out on the waves, and Reid liked standing and letting the waves push him. He couldn't really stay upright in his life jacket, so we had to stay with him. Ruby did great though.
 He is so silly.
 Ruby loved the three little kids' slides! Toward the end she decided she wanted to go on a big slide with me. We got a double tube and went way up the stairs. At the top of the building is a real 747, and the four big slides come out of it! We loved it.
 I held Miles for most of the day.
 We went outside for lunch and to warm up. The water and air temp in there were about 84 I think, but the kids still got cold.
I took the kids into the Vortex (whirlpool). Reid just stood on my legs the whole time. 
 I take Miles to Winco like this every week. He was awake and happy for a lot of it!
 Reid drew this picture of "Gwama Devvie." How cute.
 Snuggling with Fuzzy Bear.
 Nursing their babies.
Sequence! Reid actually played with us and did really well, he even won a game. 
 He is strong, he can do these baby pushups! I think he will be rolling over soon.
They love him so much, maybe a little too much. Sometimes I have to tell them to back off. 
 So cute!
 Just mowing away with a big sticker on his back. Hahaha
 We introduced the kids to Wallace and Grommit.

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  1. Time is going by way too fast and these kids are learning so much!! Love all these pictures. Tell Ruby her picture of the fireworks is amazing how she alternated the red and blue throughout!! And tell Reid his lego tractor with the bucket he made is amazing, he has an engineer mind for sure. And, that little Miles is so sweet, can't wait to make him smile!! See you soon!


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