Thursday, August 29, 2013

19 Months

Sorry for the photo overload (again). I'm sure none of you mind :) Ruby just does so many cute things, I can't help but take lots of pictures. She turned 19 months on Monday! We celebrated by watching a Giants game on tv. They lost, but we still had fun. We've been busy trying to enjoy these last weeks of summer before the rainy days come. It's been a great summer this year for sure! I like to do some kind of activity with Ruby in the mornings to get us out of the house so we don't get bored. When it gets rainy that will probably get harder. Then we are home for lunch and she naps every day from 1:00 to 3:00 or 4:00, every once-in-a-while she'll sleep until 4:30. Then Daddy comes home and we make/eat dinner and play, then bedtime starts at 7:00, and she's asleep by 7:30. It's a great routine, and she seems to do really well with it. Here are some photos from our week!
 She's such a girl. We stopped by the church for a visit and popped in the big kid nursery (where she will be soon). She had lots of fun rocking the dolly.
 She insisted on carrying the bowl of tomatoes into the house. She really likes helping me pick them.
 We had a fire pit night at our friends' house on Friday. She was up later than usual, so she was pretty tired so she sat with Daddy.
 Andy was busy playing paint ball with the middle school guys on Saturday, so Ruby and I went to the Aumsville corn festival and parade.
 She said the trucks were "loud" and wanted to hold my hand. She had lots of good scowls, but we also had fun. :) 
 She liked the flowers a lot.
 We rode our tandem bike the the park.
 Pretty coat and skirt.
 Helping Daddy shuck the corn for dinner.
 She really likes to climb on things, and has been "jumping" from the ottoman to the chair in the living room. She hasn't quite gotten real jumping down, but she sure tries.
 Bedtime Bible story reading with Daddy. 
 On Monday we went out for a coffee date in Silverton.
 And watched the game. Ruby was excited about having her own chair.
 Playing around with Daddy.
 Cheesy smile.
 She lined her pacis up on her crib.
 She looks like such a big girl in her jeans and pigtails!
 I took her to visit Daddy while I got my hair cut yesterday. They had fun!
 She's been wanting to sit on her potty the last few days. She hasn't gone potty in it yet, but at least it's a start!
 Bath time is so much fun!
 We bought her this backpack to take her stuff places instead of hauling the huge diaper bag around. She really likes it.
 Sitting on the potty again.
 Lounging around on the bed.
Helping Daddy fix the dish washer.

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  1. Love the scowl picture and lining up the packs. Such a fun girl!!


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