Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fun in Portland

We had a great week! We vacationed for a few days in Portland, and it was really fun and relaxing. Ruby did great on our trip. She even slept great in our hotel, waking up only once the first night and sleeping straight through the second night!

Ruby has started trying to tickle us, which just ends up in her squeezing us and saying "kikow kikow". Pretty funny. She also has been putting two words together pretty well, such as "see water" and things like that. And tonight at dinner she counted three cheerios, then Andy took away one and she counted two, then one. Crazy. I think we have a baby genius on our hands.
 Feeding her dolly.
 Sleeping in the car on the way home from our friends' wedding reception.
 She put on her headband all by herself.
 Playing with Daddy.
 At small group on Sunday with her friend Karley.
Our vacation started on Monday with dropping my parents off at the airport, and then we went and watched the planes take off. Ruby really liked that.
At breakfast they had a Buzz Lightyear. She was excited.
We really enjoyed our food on the trip. The places we ate at included the Laurelhurst Cafe, Grain & Gristle, Tasty n Sons, Blue Star Donuts, Kenny & Zukes, Luce (I had a baked stuffed trout!), and Sweedee. They were all delicious!
We hiked a little at Multnomah Falls, which was beautiful as always.
There are some train tracks that you can walk under, and we were under them when a train came by. Ruby was so scared! Until we went out and she saw what it was, then she was fine. It was pretty loud and intense for us too.
A tiny waterfall.
This was after dinner at Tasty n Sons. We also went swimming in our hotel pool sometime in there too.
Hanging out at Laurelhurst Park, which is where we went on our first date. We had wanted to feed the ducks, but you're not supposed to. So Ruby used the hot dog bun we had brought as a ball instead and threw it around the park.
 On Tuesday we spent lots of time downtown exploring, eating donuts and coffee, buying books, getting my iPhone replaced, etc. Then we went to the Pullens for dinner, which was great. This is Ruby with a picture of us when we were dating.
 She got into our stuff at the hotel constantly! That's why we keep doors closed at home :)
 At breakfast on Wednesday morning they didn't have a high chair. Ruby did great sitting in a big chair all by herself though. Then we stopped by Western Seminary and headed home. It was so fun, relaxing, and we ate great!
At snack time today, we tried the big chair thing again, and she loved it!

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  1. Looks like you had such a fun time!! Thanks for sharing! <3


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