Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer fun

 We've been having lots of summer fun lately. Here's a picture of the three of us on our tandem bike. We love riding it around town, and Ruby has a blast on it.
She's been learning how to put words together this last week. She says hi and bye to things, like "bye bye water" (when we turn off the hose). It's cute. I guess that makes it her first sentence.
We've also been working on weaning her this week. We're down to "ursey" morning, before nap, and before bed, although she still nurses a few times a night usually. She likes drinking her milk out of a cup, and she really likes having snacks in addition to meals throughout the day.
 She loves waiting for Daddy to come home. She will hear a motorcycle outside and say "Daddy coocoo (scooter)."
 We've been gorging ourselves on blackberries on our walks... we both love them, although it's been not so fun trying to get blackberry stains out of her clothes. :)
 She loves to help me cook and bake, and will want me to pick her up and say "see" when I'm cooking.
 Flexible baby! That owie on her right eye was from falling down on the ramp outside of the youth modular at church. It has sand paper like stuff on it, so it gave her a nice scrape. She barely cried though and is one tough girl.
 Sliding at the church play ground.
 Flowers in her pool.
 Climbing on things is one of her current favorites.
 Evening camp fire dance.
 We had a few very hot days this week.
 Silly girl.
 Playing with her cousin Chloe.
 She met her great Aunt Donna.
 We drove up to the Deschutes River where Andy and the high school youth group were rafting and we stayed the night in our tent. Ruby actually slept pretty well, considering, and only came into my bed at about 5am when it was cold. She was very cuddly and cute.
 She was such a good helper. I would give her something to carry and she tried really hard, but would set it down and say "heavy."
 Sleeping angel.
She wanted to clean the kitchen floor today (and she also loves her boots).

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  1. So so cute!!! Thanks tons!! Can't wait to see all of you!


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