Thursday, August 22, 2013

Busy busy busy

 This week was so busy! We had fun though. Ruby is such a silly girl, she likes to put buckets on her head...
 ...and lay on pillows wherever they are.
She's very interested in flies and bugs. 
Beaker singing Ode to Joy is her favorite video. I let her watch it sometimes. 
 She pulled her pant legs up and was putting her paci in them on the way to her cousin-to-be's baby shower.
 We had lots of fun at the shower for little Coraline. Ruby found this Jack in the box and loved it! She would say "ready... pop!"
 Silly girl.
 She helped me make rolls for small group on Sunday. We had a bit of a flour mess on our hands.
 She's been pushing boundaries, mostly with climbing on things she's not supposed to climb on, so she goes to time out. She actually really likes time out and has fun... When I tell her all done, sometimes she wants to go back and sit there. But the good thing is that at least it distracts her from being naughty.
 On Monday we went to the North Fork to play with our friends the Dessieux'. Ruby had so much fun just sitting in this little rock enclosure and playing with buckets and shovels. There were tiny little fish that we would catch in a bucket, and then she would pour them out and want us to catch another one.
 That handle was convenient.
 Perfect Ruby scowl.
 She had a blast!
 Playing with her friend Karley.
 Ruby picked a tomato and then wanted to wash it. Sometimes she just takes a bite of them, especially the grape tomatoes.
 Exactly what any bed is for.
 She pretends to talk on the phone with just about anything. This is her remote that she was using for that purpose. She says "henno? Uuby. Bye bye."
 She just recently started smiling when I tell her to.
 I put the chairs in the kitchen to vacuum and she climbed on one and started playing peek-a-boo.
 Ruby and I went to Portland to pick up my parents from the airport. We may have had chocolate ice cream for lunch.
 Goofy girl!
 She was excited to see Grandma and Grandpa.
 Pool time with Grandma!
 My parents stayed at the house behind ours, and they had this perfect Ruby-sized piano. I dropped her off in the morning to go for a run, and she had lots of fun hiding the teddy bear.
 Throwing sticks into the river.
 Smiling with Grandma Debbie.
 She did really well at putting one foot in front of the other.
 Under dog!
 One of her first times down the slide by herself. She loved it!
 Today we went into Salem with a bunch of our friends to go to the waterfront park.
 Playing on the play structure.
 Ruby and Karley.
 After lunch we had fun on the splash pad. 
 Ruby was very interested in where the water came out...
 ...but when it actually came out she would run the other way!
A few of her favorite things... a bracelet, a book, and helping Mommy with the diapers.
Here's a video of the splash pad today. It was tons of fun.

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  1. Way too cute - all of the pictures and video! Love you all! So glad we could share a little time.


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