Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rain and colors

 It was a very rainy week, so we had to come up with lots of inside activities. We started with baking a pumpkin pie on Friday. Ruby was a great helper.
She's been having trouble getting back to sleep at night this week, and cries a lot, even if I rock her. It's sad and we're all pretty tired. Hopefully it will improve. We got her some warmer jammies and turned the night time heat up because she seemed cold, so I'm hoping that helps. She continues to be busy busy busy during the days and I continue to follow her around and clean up her messes. :) She's getting better about helping put things away too.
We ordered a Love and Logic book for little kids, so hopefully that will help us figure out what to do when she throws things at the table, and how to help her not climb on furniture, etc. For right now, she likes time outs, so that doesn't really work yet.
 She had fun rolling out her little bit of pie dough.
 Ruby met her new cousin Coraline on Friday night, and proceeded to lay in her baby carseat. :)
 Making applesauce with Mommy on Saturday. It was yummy!
 Family date day braving the rain on Saturday. We went to a coffee shop and a kitchen store in Salem.
 Ruby played with her stacking cups for a long time in the sink and had tons of fun.
After nap time cuddles on Monday. 
 Silly Ruby.
 She has a little flash light from Aunt Donna that she loves.
 Eating snacks with her friends Quinn, Hannah and Karley after our small group on Tuesday. They were too cute.
 Ruby's art project with her new markers and stickers.
 Nap time... She's so sweet.
 She loves going out to see the chickens, and she loves her new sparkly shoes even more than her pink boots.
 Rubber Ducky.
 I think there are stickers all over our house right now.
The rain finally let up yesterday, so we went to visit Daddy at church today. They played with Nerf rockets in the parking lot.
 She wanted to put diapers on all of her stuffed animals.
I let her color while I made dinner tonight, and she got it all over herself!

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  1. Lots of fun this week! More to come! Love the pictures and Ruby's cuteness.
    Love you too!


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