Thursday, April 7, 2016

Beach Day!

We have been having a lovely week. The weather has been gorgeous, especially today. I think it's supposed to get to 84! I love the Spring. This is also our last week before we start watching Penelope 3-4 days/week. We are so excited! But it will also be a big change, getting used to a new schedule and how to get 3 kids fed, napped, out the door, etc.
Both of the kids had dentist appointments on Wednesday. And both have great teeth! Reid has only one more molar to come in, and we can't wait. When we got home, Ruby wanted to play Dentist, so she took care of my teeth. It was cute. I love how she likes to play pretend with real-life situations.
Reid has been getting up SO early in the mornings. This morning was 5:15am, and it has been similar all week. I'm tired. I usually just bring him into our bed and he snuggles on my chest like he did when he was a tiny baby. I like it, but I need better sleep. Some day!
He is so funny. When he wants our attention, he starts saying a word louder and louder until we acknowledge it. And he has been putting two words together, which is the cutest thing.
 This was bath night last week. Andy was having Ruby promise to not splash and to obey him. Hah!
 Washing her brother. When we say the word "bath," Reid gets so excited and says, "Baf! Baf!!!"
 On Friday, Andy had the day off, and we headed to the beach for the morning! It started off pretty cold, but it warmed up nicely.
 The kids had SO much fun playing in the sand!
 Andy brought his shovel to dig a tunnel, like he usually does at the beach. He loves to have some kind of big project like that or rerouting a river, pushing a giant log into the water, etc. :) 
And we brought our kites! We got these traditional ones at Ikea, and they were great!  
 Just chilling with the kite. This was such a nice day, just what we all needed.
 Ruby got a little turn!
 And then Andy tied one of the kites to this log, and it flew there for at least an hour until I reeled it in! It was the perfect amount of wind.
 And then this happened. He has been drooling so much with getting his molars. Haha! He kept saying, "Yucky."
 The tunnel!
 Reid helped load up the dump truck.
 Ruby crawled through the hole! And some other little boys came to play with it as well.
 Silly Reidsy, enjoying the sand.
This definitely happened a few times.
 We packed up and had our picnic on the grass, to avoid all of the sand in our food.
 Back at home! Andy installed a new air filter in our Pilot, and the kids had fun watching. It has been so nice outside!
 This is how he rolls. Starting to get him used to the potty. He doesn't seem to be interested in going on it at all though.
 Morning snuggly time. The kids and I were all snotty on Sunday morning, so we stayed home from church to recover.
 Then Sunday evening Andy went down to Stayton to hang out with his high school guys, and we walked to the park.
 He loves to slide!
Then when we got home, Ruby put on her jammies and snuggled under the blanket. I thought that was strange, and sure enough, she had a 100.4 fever. :( 
It was very short lasting though, and was gone by the morning. 
This guy is so cute when he wakes up. 
 Back into our workouts! We took a break most of last week because of my cold. Reid was trying to do thumbs up.
 They are the cutest things. He loves touching his belly button.
 On Tuesday we had Penelope over for the day. I got brave and took all three out on a walk! Ruby rode in the bottom for some of it.
 Reid was so good with her! He danced for her and gave her a Lego, and lots of kisses.
 Sitting together for snacks.
 Ruby at the dentist! It took a while to get her warmed up to the little motored tooth brush thing. But when she knew she would get a prize, she let them do it.
 Dana was so nice and helped me out at the dentist. They don't allow the other kid to come back with you, so she watched them in the waiting room. And then we got done super early, so we went over to her house to play in the yard! They have a lovely garden/yard.
 Reid liked the lawn chair.
  Back at home. We had a picnic snack after nap.
And a little bit of pouty time, as usual.
Ruby sculpted Jesus' empty tomb today. She did really good!

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  1. Fun pictures! So glad Andy likes to reroute at the beach... You married a man like your dad! See you soon,


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