Thursday, April 14, 2016

My birthday! And Reid turns 23 months, new bunk beds, visits from friends, lots of Penelope... it's been a busy week.

Wow, just reading that title makes me feel tired! It has been a very busy week. But a good one too. Except I think that all of this busyness has made both of the kids tired and cranky. Well, it doesn't help that Reid's molars are still coming in and that Ruby missed a few naps for various reasons.
Reid has been sleeping a lot better lately (in spite of the teeth). The other night he didn't wake up at all until 3:30, and then slept until 6:15! It was a miracle. Some day he'll sleep through the night, I'm sure of it. :)
Ruby has been tough lately. She has been pushing at all of the boundaries, and that is so hard. It's hard to not lose my patience, it's hard to deal with that while I'm trying to take care of Reid and my niece. Pray for us. We've been listening to the Love and Logic for toddlers, and I think it will help when we implement it more. We love her so much, and she is the most fun little girl, but she is very independent and opinionated (kind of like me... sorry mom!).
 Silly Reid. Notice his stick on earrings. He makes a pretty little girl.
 Last Thursday Ruby was chasing someone in the nursery at mom's group, and she fell and hit her head on the corner of a wall. She got a nasty goose egg! They had to call me up there and fill out an incident report. She was fine, but it was sad.
 It was so hot that day, so when Andy got home, we headed out to this beautiful little waterfall down the road.
The kids loved it! We saw a heron and explored for a little while.
 And then played tag on the grass.
 So fun!
I realized that I knit Ruby's stocking on the wrong size needles!! I was horrified. :( I'll have to start over, at least it's a while until Christmas.
 On Friday, I took the kids down to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the day, then headed back home to get stuff done! I did a lot of cleaning and organizing while Andy worked at home for the morning, and then he took the afternoon off and we built the kids their new bunk beds!
 Then we headed back down to Sherwood to eat dinner and pick up the kids. They had a fun day...
 And were sure in for a surprise when they got home! The LOVED their new beds.
 So excited! We don't let Reid go up on the top because we don't want him to fall off.
 But he loves his bottom bunk and they both have been sleeping really well in them. We've even started putting them to bed in their room together again.
Reid turned 23 months! I can't believe it's only a month until his 2nd birthday. He is so fun. He has started putting words together a lot more, and it's the cutest thing! When he is playing with something, I ask what it's name is, and he says, "um, Joe" (every time).
 Saturday afternoon we went down to Cook Park and met Corrie and Phillip Johnson and their kids. Reid wanted to play some baseball.
 Ruby and Havilah were instant friends! And Reid had a lot of fun in this tube.
 All of the kids!
 It was so fun to connect with good friends.
Sunday was my birthday! Andy and the kids got me these new workout clothes. I love them. :) We got some free donuts from Pip's, and then were a little late to church. Then afterward, Becca took our kids home while Andy and I grabbed lunch at 24th & Meatballs (it was so good!). Then we went around to look at open houses, just for fun. After we got home, we headed out to 5 Guys for dinner, then home for a workout and milkshakes!
 Reid loved his...
 So did Ruby!
 On Monday we got Penelope here, starting our 4-ish days a week. She's a sweet baby.
 We made new play dough. Ruby chose orange and Reid chose purple.
 Ruby's getting pretty good at workouts! She likes to wear her workout clothes.
 Bed time stories. Silly Reid.
 This is how my days go now. They love her.
 Ruby is so helpful!
 Ruby made a lego birthday cake that we all enjoyed.
 Me and my cutie pie boy.
 My parents came on Tuesday night. On Wednesday we went to the library for Two's together.
 Ruby shared her name tag with Pea. Haha
We don't have Penelope on Thursdays, so we went to Starbucks for my free birthday drink. The kids enjoyed their bananas.
And then we went to Omsi to play for a while. It was nice to get out!

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  1. Sounds like a busy fun week, glad we were a little part of it. I'm sure Ruby is going through some adjustment times with a 3rd child in the house. Love her so much!! Fun pictures!! So good to see you. Love you all.


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