Sunday, April 3, 2016


It has been a rough week. Ruby and I have both had colds, and I've been having other medical issues too. But it has also been fun. 
Reid has been sleeping so much better, and has been just waking up once or twice a night, sometimes putting himself back to sleep. Yay! But on the down side, he has been getting up super early, like 5:15. Ug, that makes us all tired. His top two molars have popped through, it was much easier than that bottom one. Only one last bottom one to go, and then he's done!
Ruby has been snotty for a week and a half now, and it's not getting better. At least it's not a cough or anything else. She is so much like me, it's funny. :) It's like looking at myself when I was a little girl.
 So good at stacking!
 We dyed easter eggs on Friday morning, the kids loved it.
 They turned out pretty good!
 Aprons on. :) Reid just wanted to put more into the cups, and Ruby wanted to do what I was doing.
 I hard boiled 24, and we ended up with 16... A few of them cracked in boiling, one fell down the garbage disposal, and Ruby dropped three during the dyeing. Haha. So we ate egg salad sandwiches for lunch.
 Then we went to OMSI to meet Andy, we played for a little while and then ate a sack dinner. Our church's Good Friday service was at 6, and it was sooooo good. We love our church!
 Saturday morning we headed out for a hike, and it was gorgeous! This is right down the road a few miles.
 We made it all the way to the Witch's Castle (an old stone house) down the creek. There were a ton of people out hiking, and Reid particularly liked all of the dogs we saw.
 Sunday morning the kids woke up and looked for their Easter baskets. Reid was right next to his for a while and didn't see it. Haha!
 I had to give Ruby a hint, but she found it under the sink. It was probably more fun for Andy and I to fill the eggs and put everything together than it was for the kids to get them. :)
 We also hid all of the hard boiled eggs out in the yard. They were out there for about 10 minutes, and when the kids went to find them, a bunch of them had been pecked by birds!
 But they had fun anyway.
 Getting ready for church.
 Reid was so handsome in my brother's old suit. The pants didn't fit very well, so we switched out those and the shirt. But his vest and jacket were adorable! He got lots of compliments. We went to church at 10:30 like normal, but when we got there we realized that the service had started at 10. Oops.
After that we went out to lunch with Becca and Daniel, and then headed down to Del and Patty's rental house in Sherwood. Reid fell asleep in the car for a little while, but then I couldn't get him back to sleep when we got there. Reid and Cora had fun with the hoola hoops.
 The next door neighbors hid a ton of plastic eggs and invited us all to join them for hunting.
 The kids did pretty good!
Ruby had way more eggs than we would ever need. Reid kept dragging his and they were falling out, and he found a stick which he was more excited about.
 Ruby, Chloe and Charlotte did a play about Jesus dying and rising from the dead. Ruby was Mary Magdalene and was so cute.
 Easter family photo!
 They both colored their belly buttons red...
 Reid's sad face. He does this when I take something away that he shouldn't have. :( And cries, "Mobby!"
 The weather has been so nice this week! The kids have so much fun playing with Lupita, or as Reid says (every time we hear them next door or outside) "Pita."
 He's so funny.
 The kids and I went to the zoo! They have this new carousel, which was so fun.
 Reid loved the tortoises. They were all just walking around in the grass. So cute.
 Giddy up!
 She was impersonating the gigantic snakes on the other side of the glass.
 Tony and Courtney's apartment is having some work done, so they are at a hotel downtown. So they invited us to go swimming! It was fun.
Ruby did really good swimming around in her floatie. She's getting more confident.

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  1. Loved all the pictures! So fun to see what you and the kids are up to. But miss all of you so much! Love you!


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