Thursday, April 21, 2016

Big helpers

My two have been good helpers lately, especially with Penelope. Ruby likes to help feed her bottles and get things that I need, and she likes to entertain her. Reid is so good at throwing away diapers and making her smile. :) They are so sweet. Reid always says, "Hi Peanut." 
Speaking of Reid, often times he can say his "L's." I know Ruby wasn't saying them yet at his age. But R is still awww, and he says Ruby's name like "Ebee." It's the cutest thing. He is getting so verbal! He loves talking and putting words together. We were watching the Giants game tonight and he kept repeating after me. He said, "Go Pence," "Hit it hard," and "Home run." It's so fun to hear him talk. He was walking around the table in circles today saying, "Dirty dishes." Hahaha. He also says "Do it!" a lot which means he wants to do it himself. He's getting more into that independent phase.
Ruby has been a really big hand full lately. :( She is going through a very defiant phase, so we are trying to come up with ideas to work on it. Pray for us.
 The kids were making Ratatouille with the Sequence chips. Haha! This went on for days.
 And Ruby made her foot prints in the play dough.
 Reid has gotten better with actually playing with the trains instead of just destroying them! It's so fun. Well, he also destroys them still too.
 Such a good helper.
 We made this barn out of some cardboard from their new sheet sets. Reid kept saying, "Hello" through the window.
 Morning snuggles with Daddy.
 He's so cute. <3
On Saturday we ran a ton of errands, and the kids did great. We split up, so Reid went to Winco with me and Ruby went to some other places with Andy. It worked really well. Then we all went to Costco later where they tried on some cute glasses.
 She put them on by herself. Haha.
 Feet fight! I showed them how to do it... I hope I don't regret it.
 Helping Mommy water the vegetable garden.
 Helping Daddy wash the cars.
 Oops... my fault. I left the bag of oatmeal on the table...
 She absolutely loves to color and does it usually every day.
More helping! 
 Reid has been pretty miserable with his molars. The last one still isn't through, but hopefully soon! On Monday he was pretty fussy and clingy all day.
 Ruby got a special invitation from Aunt Becca for "Ruby Tuesday," a fun morning out together.
 She rode with Daddy to work. They had a fun day of eating donuts, playing at the park, etc.
 I stayed at home with the two little ones. I was getting Pea down for her nap and it was awfully quiet in the living room where Reid was. When I came out, he had gotten into my shake, spilled it, and was cleaning it up with paper towels. What a good boy!!
 Enjoying some outside time. The weather has been so warm!
 Reid's post-nap sweaty hair.
 He is so silly. And he cracks himself up too.
 Yesterday morning they were playing that they were still tired and wanted to lay down for a while with blankets. Haha.
 I braved it to the park with all three kids, and it went really well. Reid is at the point where he can play without me having to hover over him, so it's doable. We love Magnolia Park!
 Some guys were fixing the frog/bee teeter totter, and Reid had fun watching. Also chewing on his fingers because of his molars, poor guy.
 He had fun sliding "backwards."
 Reading cook books! One of my favorite activities.
 The girls. They seriously look like they could be sisters.
 Playing with beans in the back yard!
 Reid got some old sunflower stems and was chasing Ruby and Lupita all around the yard. Of course they ran screaming. Little brothers...
They both wanted to read to Pea this morning. <3

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  1. Sweet sweet pictures!! Will pray for Ruby's stage that she is in. I think 4 is one of the hardest ages because they are wanting to be so independent and try new things but with other little ones, it isn't always doable. So hang in there! I'm glad she is a good helper for you. Love you!!


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