Sunday, June 5, 2016

Memorial Day weekend

We've had a fun week. These kids are getting to the point where they can play together pretty well, but of course they also fight pretty well. Haha. I love them.
Reid's favorite new phrase is "stop it!" And he says it all day long. Also, every time I ask what he wants to eat, he says, "peanut butter sandwich jam!"
 Lunch time! Eating his favorite foods.
Ruby wanted to make a note for Daddy. It was adorable. 
 I love my boy! We decided to take his paci's away this week. We thought it was going to be rough, but after one nap without them, he has done just fine.
 We went for a walk on Friday and stopped at Flower Land.
 Mmmm... spaghetti!
 Reid fell asleep next to the door, so Ruby came down and gave him a blanket, and laid down next to him. So sweet.
 On Saturday we cleaned out the garage. The kids had so much fun playing!
 Then we went to the fair downtown. Ruby kept stopping to write in the sand.
 Reid had fun watching the rides go!
 It was so bright he was shading his eyes. I taught him how to do that the day before. Haha
 We rode the ferris wheel!
 The kids loved it, but the ride was a little long.
 We were only going to do one ride, but then we found a ticket on the ground, and it was enough for the kids to have a few more rides! They loved this rocket ride.
 They rode it twice!
 And then Ruby got to catch a frog.
 We ate a corn dog for dinner.
 We've been loving to watch these caterpillars. They all made their chrysalides, and now we're waiting for them to hatch!
 They love running down this hill at church.
 Sunday night we went down to Stayton for a barbecue with our friends. Ruby had lots of fun with these girls.
 Reid and Malachi played a lot.
They played Barbies. Today Ruby said, "Hannah told a silly story, and me, Karley and Penny all laughed a lot!" 
 Reid had fun in Ellie's kitchen.
 Ruby lined up all of my shoes on Monday morning.
 It was Memorial Day, so we drove up to Sauvie Island for a hike!
 We only made it about a 1/2 mile and then turned around because of this... they love stopping for fun things. It was great though.
 Reid collected a lot of rocks.
 Ruby loved to race everyone. She gets upset when she doesn't win though. We're working on that.
 She got tired after a while, so I carried her in the Ergo. They've both been getting tired since their latest cold. It takes them a while to recover completely.
 Reid had fun riding on Daddy's shoulders!
 After our hike we picked strawberries. There were a ton of people there, so it was mostly picked over. But we got a few pints.
 Reid definitely ate a lot of green ones and maybe a few moldy ones...
 Turning into a chrysalis. I was watching and waiting, and then I was gone for about 15 minutes and I came back to a chrysalis! I missed it. Oh well.
 On Tuesday we had Ruby's preschool open house! She was so excited! We got to meet a lot of her future class mates and her teachers.
 She painted...
 and played in the sand... (Reid spilled a lot of it on the floor)
 and made an alligator.
 Reid just followed along and had fun too.
 The girl on the right is Ruby's new friend Samantha. Hopefully they'll be in the same class.
 Reid wanted to try the tire swing too, so Ruby held on to him to make sure he didn't fall off. So sweet!
 He wanted to paint too, and made a huge mess!
Back at home reading together. We didn't have Penelope all week because her great grandma was up to watch her for the week.
 Bike ride! We went most of the way down the street.
 My little workout buddy.
 She loves this mirror that Andy got from work.
 We went to the zoo on Wednesday with our friends Audrey and William.
 The monkeys were swinging around for all of the kids.
 They love playing on the lions!
 Aunt Becca turned 30, so we went to Tony and Courtney's new house for a party. This cutie loved his hot dog.
 Reading time.
I made chicken rice and cheddar soup, and Reid had four bowls of it!

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