Sunday, June 19, 2016

Owies, tea parties, and adventures

The kids have been going a little stir crazy around here lately. It's hard to get out of the house when we have Penelope, but when it's raining outside most days, they can't even go in the back yard. But we're surviving. :) Trying to be creative and think of fun stuff to do inside.

Reid caught another little cold today, but I think it's only a little cough and stuffy nose. Hopefully it won't spread to the rest of us. He has been sooooo funny to talk to. He says so much, and the way he says certain words is hilarious. I try to get lots of videos so we can look back and laugh. 

Ru has been having potty regression, again. I have no idea why going potty is so hard for her. Poor girl. I know some day she'll figure it out, but for now, it's just frustrating for all of us. She has been so fun, though, and loves to play games with all of us, and also to play "family" (like "house").
 I will often times let them watch a little show after nap. They are particularly cute. They love their milk.
 Bringing sister her snack. He was going really slow so he wouldn't spill.
 Reid got a huge owie on his head, right before bed time, when he apparently fell off of the couch arm and hit the back of his head on the fireplace rocks. It was gushing blood, but we got it to stop pretty quickly. Poor guy. I'm just glad he was okay and we didn't have to take him to the ER. 
 Afterward he just wanted to sit and hold our hands. So we watched a little Star Wars.
 They love to read!
 Her clump-o-lump was eating pizza! Hahaha
 Penelope was sleeping, so we had a fun tea party.
 Everyone had tea cups, lots of food, and we had a blast.
 Then apparently they all got tired, so Ruby put them all to bed.
 Reid washed the dishes. They love their play kitchen.
 I printed off some free coloring pages. Reid colored all of their eyes purple.
 Ruby's getting pretty good at coloring! They both love it.
 Penelope naps in this, so Ruby wanted to try it out on Alicia.
 Reading at bed time.
 Reid had a really hard night and was crying and crying. So we finally let him come and cuddle, and we watched the Giants game together. He fell asleep pretty quickly. We don't do that often, but he just needed to snuggle with mommy. I love him.
On Saturday we packed up our chairs and snacks, and headed across the river to the Rose Festival Parade. 
 We had a blast!
 There were tons of horses, clowns, bands, and fun floats.
 Silly Andy. We share our shakes every morning, and they are delicious.
 And silly Reid. He came in from outside just like this. I think Ruby may have helped.
 She was playing "jail" with the boxes and cans in our book shelf pantry. Who needs fancy toys??!!
 We love to play at this school play ground while we wait for the shuttle bus at church.
 Del and Patty were here, and Reid had so much fun just running around Grandpa.
 Ruby wanted to go fishing for Josefina.
 They both love to wear my pumps.
 On Monday Penelope was sick, so we took an impromptu MAX ride downtown and went to a toy store, just for fun.
 Reid loved the "blue train."
 And he wouldn't put these things down.
 We played for a long time, which was so fun.
 The kids both got balloons. Ruby played with hers while we waited (a long time!) for the MAX on the way home.
 Staring out the window while we were going beneath Washington Park.
 We taught the kids Musical Chairs, but with pillows. When I got out on the first round, Ruby was sad that there weren't enough pillows for all of us, so she went and got me an extra one. She's so sweet. So we just played with 4 pillows and kept going. :)
 He likes to copy me and Ruby. Silly guy!
 They made a little cave behind the rocking chair.
 Apparently Reid was sick and Ruby was the doctor.
 Morning snuggle time. He loves coming in our bed in the mornings.
I made these yummy healthy chocolate chip cookies, and Ruby just kept taking out all of the chocolate chips to save for later. Haha!

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  1. I love your weekly picture blog!!! Makes me miss the kids and you though!! I had to laugh at Reid carrying the snacks super slow. Love how Ruby really plays with her toys, etc. Fun kids!!! See you soon!!


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