Sunday, June 26, 2016


This week we were able to get out and have some fun. The weather was still kind of crummy, but we enjoyed it anyway! Both kids have been so funny lately. I love hearing Reid talk, he says long sentences now and it's so cute. He's great at saying his "L's," but not his "R's" yet. And he knows his full name, "Weidsy Andwew Pullen." Both kids regularly say, "Mom, I love you." <3

I tried to cut out some pictures for the week because I've been posting soooo many, but they're all cute so I couldn't cut out much! These two are pretty special kids.
 Cutie pie with some sunglasses.
 We put "sleep cream" on their feet at night. It's essential oils in coconut oil. It helps when they just don't want to go to sleep (which is most of the time!). When they get good naps, they stay up late even though we put them to bed between 8 and 8:30. It's tough to know if we should start skipping naps for Ruby.
 First time wearing a backpack!
 He's still rear facing because it's WAY safer, and he loves it!
 I took the kids to OMSI on Friday because I didn't have Penelope that day. We had a blast! Reid loves the air station.
 And they both love the water!
 I always bring a change of clothes for both of them, in spite of the fact that they wear smocks while playing in the water. They get soaked.
 Trying on some of Ruby's shoes.
 Family walk! We did "follow the leader" down the street.
 My little Sweet Pea with some sweet peas. We have a ton growing down the street, and they are some of my favorite flowers.
 We helped Grandpa Del and Grandma Patty with their new house on Saturday! The just got the keys, so we did some cleaning and fixing. The kids did great. They played in the back yard, ran around the empty bedroom, and read books. Ruby helped Grandma organize the spices and dust the book shelves too.
 I taught Ruby how to peel carrots. She had fun! She loves helping me cook.
 Happy Father's Day Andy! We had a really fun day playing together. Reid woke up with a cough, so we couldn't go to church though. :(
 Silly boy.
 We went down to the south water front and walked around. It was a lovely morning!
 In the afternoon, Aunt Becca came and put Reid down for his nap, and Ruby and I took Andy to see Finding Dory. It was great!
 He could play in the dirt for hours.
 We made blackberry turnovers to celebrate Andy. Oh, and fish tacos. Yum!
Then Andy and the kids built a fort!
 They love when Daddy reads them stories.
 Penelope is getting good at sitting up!
 Ruby was so excited that she got her dart to stick to her water bottle. Hah!
 He can open the refrigerator now... I made some healthy brownies, and he was trying to get into them this afternoon.
 Rocking this guy to sleep. <3
 I mixed cornstarch and water for the kids to play with. Ruby LOVED it and literally played for three hours! She calls it "Gluey Kabluey."
 It made a huge mess, but it cleans up really easily! If it's dried you can just scrape it off, and if it's wet, it washes right off with water! It's the best stuff. It's solid if you hold it, but then turns liquid and drips out of your hands.
 She has been sleeping in lately, or at least trying to! So opposite of Reid... he has been waking up at 5:30 or earlier some days. I can get him back to sleep sometimes, but then I'm usually awake and can't go back to sleep. It's no fun.
We found a worm, and Ruby named him Stig. But then he got played with a little too much and died. :(
 He did this all by himself. Hah!
 Ruby and I have been coloring these fun pages! I get them for free on the internet and print them, which is the best. She's pretty good!
 On Thursday I braved the rain and headed out to see Reptile Man with all three kids. We had a blanket and umbrellas, and thankfully it wasn't raining too hard. I had the stroller, and Penelope napped in the Ergo for a while.
 Ruby made a little friend, as usual.
 He had all kinds of reptiles! Snakes, lizards, a tortoise, and an alligator. We saw him in Stayton last year too.
 The kids got to pet the boa constrictor.
 Reid didn't want to stop!

It was a little rough going home, both Reid and Penelope were crying when we got home. I finally rocked both of them for a while and got them to calm down. Poor babies.
 We made a fort on the table in the afternoon.
 In our fort!
Ruby brought pillows and blankets, and we all pretended we were camping and went to sleep. <3


  1. You just have so much fun!! Love the sweet pea holding the sweet peas!! Can't wait to hear Reid's sentences. They are both so cute!! You are a great mama for them! Love you!

  2. Why would you cut any out? Don't! We want to see them all!


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