Saturday, June 11, 2016

We have butterflies!

Our butterflies all hatched this week! It was such a fun process for us all to watch. The kids loved it (and so did I!). We also went to the beach on Saturday, which was fun. Both kids had a little bit of high temperature this week, but it never reached 100. So we still did fun stuff, but we didn't go to church. I don't know what was up, it was weird. 
Ruby has been really tired lately. She always seems to be like this after she gets a cold. We'll have to work on getting her immune system up to fight off bugs better. She has been so funny though. When she tells what happened for something, she gives us a whole play-by-play, and it's hilarious. She's very detailed. And she loves to sing at the top of her lungs too.
Reid has been not wanting to go to sleep at night. It's not fun! And he still gets up early. For some reason, he just needs less sleep than the rest of us. Unfortunately. He can count to 20 though! And is so good at all of the colors. He knows a lot of our books and a ton of songs. It's so fun to talk to him now, he has really gotten good at formulating sentences and thoughts. His favorite phrases are, "I do it," "I need Mommy," and "What's that?"
 We transferred the chrysalides to the butterfly habitat. I was worried about that one that had fallen down.
 This happened while I was reading to Ruby at nap time... We stuffed them all back into the package though. Don't want to waste!
 Another form of exercise I get. They were having fun!
 We went to Tony and Courtney's new place for dinner, and Penelope was heading to bed. So our kids jumped right in the bath with her! She is a chubby little thing, but I weighed her, and our kids were each at least 2 pounds bigger at this age. Hah!
 We headed to Canon Beach with some friends on a whim on Saturday! It was SO crowded. But we had a blast!
 Andy and the kids dug a trench. He always brings our shovel to the beach. I always just want to sit and do nothing, and he always wants a project. It works out pretty well for both of us!
 Ruby has so much fun with her friend Aiden.
 They both got so sandy.
 Ruby made sand angels... it took about 30 minutes for Andy to brush the sand off of her.
 We left the beach at about 7:30, and they both were out! Good thing we brought their jammies. They went straight to bed when we got home.
 Sunday morning snuggles. <3
 This is how we kept cool on Sunday. It was SUPER hot over the weekend; it almost got to 100.
 Post bath snacks.
 Reid used our foam roller as a little table.
 So hot!!!
 We had to go get some ice cream on Sunday night because of the heat. ;)
 We got two little ones and all shared.
 This is how Penelope sleeps. Ruby brought Minnie Mouse to help her.
 Potty time!
 And we have a hatched butterfly! I watched and watched, and then it hatched when I wasn't looking. But that one down on the paper towel started hatching, and I looked at it at the exact right time! But when it crawled out, it was stuck on it's back and was holding the chrysalis with its legs. They are supposed to climb up something and hang to let their wings dry. So I stuck my finger in and it held on to me, and I put it on the side of the cage. Then it's wings dried just fine! I was glad I saw it hatch.
He climbed in our bed in the early morning and fell back asleep. 
 We love Flower Land!
 Reid was fascinated by the butterflies.
 Reid has a glow-in-the-dark shirt, and Ruby was getting it ready to glow.
 He has been trying to get his own clothes on. Not quite, buddy!
Ruby got a lunch date all set up for her and I, complete with salt and pepper. So sweet. 
 This boy loves to get dirty!
 Trying to stay cool. He was lounging while they watched a "little show."
 Apparently the Boppy was comfortable?
 Reid's 25 month photo. He's getting so big! He is taller than Ruby was at his age, although he still weighs a little less.
 Ruby built this quadruple decker car! I helped her with the stairs, but that was her idea.
 She burrowed into the clean laundry.
 Sleepy guy.
 They sure love each other!
Time to release the butterflies! They all flew away and didn't stick around, which made Ruby a little disappointed.


  1. At least the diapers weren't dirty ones. Where is flower land? The after bath snack picture is very cute.

  2. Some super special pictures of super special kiddos. Love the potty one (Ruby) and Reid trying to dress himself. They are sure growing up fast. Love you and all!


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