Sunday, September 4, 2016

San Francisco Vacation!

Andy and I got to take a little vacation this weekend! It was so much fun, and very needed. We drove down to my parents' house, dropped the kids off, then headed South for two nights.

The big news of the week is that we switched Ruby to undies at night! I layered her sheets with waterproof pads just in case I needed to change them in the night. But she has woken up dry for 5 nights now, and only had one accident! She was ready!
 We stopped for lunch at the Creswell Bakery. These guys found a little "stage" and serenaded us.
 Goodbye kids (and mom!)
 At our hotel in Red Bluff. We stopped there for the night and swam in the pool, ate In-N-Out, and had a lovely time. In the morning we made sure to wear our "Go Giants" shirts.
 On the road to San Francisco! It's such a beautiful city.
We ate brunch at this amazing Korean restaurant. This was a savory pancake with all kinds of amazing flavors. The dashi flakes on the top looked like they were breathing.
 Then we went across the street to this huge park. There were all kinds of people out, enjoying the sunshine! I thought it was pretty cold though.
 At our hotel in Daly City. Hahaha
 We made it to the park! We got there plenty early because the last few games we were late.
 It was fun to explore and see the three World Series trophies.
 Face timing with our kids. We sure missed them!
 We found the healthiest place to eat in the park. It's called the Edible Garden and we got cauliflower flatbread that was really good.
 Yay! Go Giants!
 Our view of the game. We scored these great seats for not too much money.
We won 7-0, which always makes for a fun game to watch.
 And back at my parents house, our kids were enjoying camping in the trailer and eating dough boys.
 Thank goodness, the new trampoline came just in time! Ruby was beyond excited.
 On our way back North.
 The trampoline got all set up. They had fun!
 We stopped at Cindy's house for a little car break.
 The kids were pretty tired on the drive home.
 But we stopped at Tony and Courtney's to crash Del's birthday party! Here's all of the cousins (minus Charlotte).
 Ruby is so good with Penelope.
 Everyone got Del this golf cart! The kids loved it.
 And Del did too!
 These guys are SO silly. Reid loves his tutu and has been insisting he's a "golow" (girl).
 We took the rail off the side of his bed and he has been doing great. I think he fell out of it one night, but it's not too far to the ground. :)
 This girl is so good at Memory. She beats me a lot.
 This boy loves to use his drill and pretend to fix things.
 She was playing "Frozen" and freezing everything.
 They both love to feed Penelope her baby food!
 And her bottle. They're such good helpers.
 Playing with the Mr. Potato Head glasses.
 Workout time!
 Post workout picture. They love it.
 And story time before bed. <3
 Reid often gets up early when we do our workouts. He snuggles on the couch with the big brown blanket, it's so cute.
 Ruby was reading this book to Reid. And her hair was so fun! We're loving the book we got from the library.
Ruby gets prizes when she obeys, doesn't yell when she's frustrated, and treats Reid nicely. We got some from the Dollar Tree. She loves it!

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