Sunday, September 18, 2016

Andy's birthday and Ruby starts Preschool!

This week was a big week! Ruby started preschool, and she LOVES it. It has been making her really tired though, so we've been putting her to bed a little earlier and giving her more rests/naps. It is fun to have mornings with Reid 3x a week now. We do lunch at 11, then he naps until 1:30 when we have to go get Ruby. Then she gets a little rest when she gets home.

It was also Andy's birthday this week! We had fun celebrating together. :)
 He has been loving playing with his cars.
 Family birthday celebration at Grandpa Del and Grandma Patty's house!
 These guys love their cousins.
 Nighty night.
 He found the trucks at the thrift store.
 Ruby has been doing so good with night time potty training. She has only had an accident once or twice this week. She definitely earned her prize... a new Betta fish! We got aquarium rocks at Patty's thrift store, then got the rest of the setup at a pet store on Sunday, along with the fish.
 After lunch on Andy's birthday, we headed to the Sauvie Island beach for a little bit! Ruby really loves the water. And Reid loves the sand.
 Teddy had fun too!
 So fun!
 Then we went to Chapman Elementary to watch the Swifts fly into the chimney. The kids were all sliding down this hill on cardboard. Some family and friends met us there to celebrate Andy.
 They made a train!
 Ruby found a box to slide in. She had so much fun on the hill, and did it over and over for about 2 hours.
 Here's a panorama of all of the people.
Ruby had fun with Ania and Etta. 
Then finally at almost 8pm, the swifts started swirling and diving into the chimney! 
 It was fun to watch.
 Reid and Aunt Becca.
 Yogurt nose!
 Ruby got this cute picture of Teddy.
And here's our Betta fish, Bomber! Ruby named him, and his nickname is Beluga. 
  Trying to touch her tongue to her nose. Haha
 We got Andy a new Nintendo 64 controller for his birthday. Reid calls it a "controley."
 He made this tower all by himself!
 Ready to head to preschool! She kept giving Reid hugs and kisses and saying she was going to miss him. She said, "Reid, I'm going to give you a big kiss before I leave."
 Our big girl!
 Here's the big kiss for Reid. Aunt Becca came to stay with him because we went to school with Ru for the morning.
 She kept squealing in the car on the way there!
 In front of her school! I can't believe she's so big already.
 She found her cubby and unloaded her supplies into her little bucket!
She really wanted to paint. She made a purple river, then the other little girl was copying her. Haha 
 Her teacher, Mrs. Nolan, taking her picture. She's a really nice teacher.
 Playing outside!
 She loves the tire swing.
 What a little beauty!
 Mommy-daughter LOVE
 Letting Teddy out to go potty in the morning.
 I was doing surgery on this poor dragon. Hahaha
 They've been playing that this tub is a school bus.
 Tired out Teddy.
 Morning workout time!
He was reading to Teddy, and it was so cute. 
 We dropped Ruby off at her first full day of preschool on Wednesday. We were a little early, it only takes about 7 minutes to get there! So we walked Teddy around on this grassy hill.
 Here's her cubby!
 Reid loves dropping her off and playing with the toys.
 I had to wake him up to go get Ruby at 1:30, and he was sleepy!
 Reid loves to help me cook!
 I saw these guys all sitting down at the fence, and when I went out to see what they were doing, Lupe apparently had her tablet out and they were watching a "scary" movie. It was some kind of cartoon, so I said no to that. It was funny though! They love playing together through the fence.
 We took Teddy back to Paul and Paula's on Thursday morning. We got lots of yummy produce, and Reid played with the cat for a long time. He loves cats!
 And their hair loves Reid. And makes me sneeze... :(
 Then we played in the play house...
 ...and jumped on the trampoline.
 She loves jumping!
 And it tired her out.
 Then we went home, and the kids wanted to pretend to drive for a little bit. So Reid took us all to Disneyland, and we played that he was the dad, Ruby was the mom, and I was the kid in the back seat. They loved it!
 Playing bus again! Reid was taking Ruby to school.
We pick all of our carrots out in the garden. It was fun to try to grow them, but we only got one or two actual long ones. I sent these all to school with Ruby for her lunch on Friday.


  1. Another fun week in the Pullen household!! Ruby looks so grown up - going to preschool already!! Glad Reid loves to drive!! Love you!!

  2. A big moment in the life of Ruby. All great pictures and captions. I think I got them that dragon for Christmas a couple of years ago. Or last Christmas? What did he need surgery for?


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