Friday, September 30, 2016

We have the sickness.

The kids and I have been sick all week. :( Ruby had to miss preschool on Friday, but we sent her back on Monday. She was still snotty, but since colds last at least a week or two, we didn't want to keep her home that whole time when she was feeling okay. I kind of feel bad for maybe spreading it around, but I'm sure other families do it too.
 We had a game/movie day on Friday when Ruby was home. I really didn't feel good all day, so we laid low.
 Snuggles on the couch.
Reid didn't feel good either. :( 
Snapchat fun! Hahaha 
 Andy taught Ruby checkers, and she did pretty good! 
 I did have enough energy to make some yummy bread.
 He got stuck in the stroller.
 Poor sick little girl, all snuggled up with her doll, "Aunt Becca."
 Breakfast time!
 On Sunday we stayed home from church, but we were all tired of being so cooped up. So we headed out to the Pittock Mansion (with the pass from the library). It has a beautiful view of Portland.
 We had fun exploring the house!
 Reid does pretty good in the Ergo still.
 Ruby had fun looking at the map.
 Then we had a picnic lunch out on the lawn. It was a gorgeous day!
The kids enjoyed the view. 
Me and my love. 
 He really liked this stick.
 They were playing "Robin Hood and Little John."
 We went down to the Pullens for dinner that night. Reid was funny eating his pizza.
 Monday morning Reid did this, he turned the stroller on its side, and was playing the drums with lighters. Haha!
 More Snapchat fun. She was calling this Mrs. Broccoli.
 Sibling snuggles. <3
 Andy brought Clue Jr. home from the library. It has been so fun!
 They do play together nicely sometimes. They were riding these around the house.
 We headed to the park in the afternoon on Tuesday. We all had a lot of fun!
They love this really big slide. 
 Ruby's first real swing ride on a big swing. She loved it!
 Then they played in the fountain, and Ruby got soaked.
Reid managed to avoid the water. 
 We headed through the car wash. The kids think it's too loud.
 Ruby had to go home in her undies because her clothes were all wet. :)
 Movie night! The kids had fun watching Star Wars Episode 1.
 Reid loves to say hi to Bugga Boo Bunny at preschool.
 We have fun when Ruby's at school. He loves to play in the back yard!
 He put all of the Mr. Potato Head pieces in the trash. Ha! At least there was nothing gross in there.
 We went to evening Story Time at the library on Wednesday night.
 It was fun!
 And then Reid was "making muscles."
 He's such a cutie.
 More Clue Jr.!
 He wanted to snuggle with my arm.
 Reid had a really hard time on Wednesday after we dropped Ruby off at preschool. He was just beside himself. The only way I got him to calm down was to stand in the living room, holding him, and not swinging. Poor guy.
 Before nap he wanted to try going potty!
 He didn't actually go, but I'm glad he's wanting to sit.
 She was on a "hike" with her walking stick and her backpack.
Helping Mommy cook dinner.

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  1. I'm glad you got out even if you and the kids were on the sickly side!! It is bittersweet that Reid misses Ruby when she is at preschool Oh, the pains of growing up!! Sweet pictures!! Love you all!


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