Sunday, September 11, 2016

Last week before school, and Reid turns 28 months!

This was our last week of watching Penelope, and our last week before Ruby starts preschool! This is a big new phase in our family. I'm excited for Ru, and she is too. I'm also looking forward to some good time with Reid. Still trying to figure out how we'll do his naps though...

 Reid loves feeding the baby.
 Early morning workout!
 We had a nail in our tire, and it was causing a leak. So we dropped it at Les Schwab for a while and had some fun in Fred Meyer. And the kids love the free popcorn too. Thank goodness they were able to fix it!
 He has been waking up really early and coming into our bed, and going back to sleep. It's definitely not a habit I want him to keep up, but it is really sweet.
 Trying to put headphones on Pea.
 Ruby's first time playing Life! She did okay, the spinner is not easy when you're 4. Half of the game was her trying to get in a good spin.
 Little Teddy (my cousin's dog) came to stay with us for almost two weeks. The kids had fun with his kennel.
 And they both love Teddy! He's such a sweet little doggy.
Breakfast with my babies! 
 They were both able to walk him, and he doesn't pull. Best dog ever!
On Saturday Andy went crabbing with Guesly, and brought home 8 of these big beauties! So we made crab cakes.  They were delicious.
 This is often how our evenings look. Cuddles and playing with Daddy on the couch.
 They love to ride the bus to church!
 It was sprinkling, so Ruby shared her umbrella with Lupe over the fence. So precious.
 Andy took the kids and Teddy on a walk to the park, and I came and picked them up! We love the park.
 Which one?
 Then Monday was Labor Day, so we went on a family hike on the Wildwood trail. It was gorgeous.
 I definitely got a good workout in with this guy on my back up hill!
 This is about the best family photo we got.
 Then we ate at Laughing Planet. The kids liked the Max and the trucks going by, but they both plugged their ears.
 I think he does it just because Ruby does.
Double duty!
 Working out together. They are getting pretty good!
 We made some popcorn, and the kids shared with Teddy.
 They're so silly.
 Check out his "gloves" out of plastic bags. Including on his feet...
 Taking a snooze in the rugs outside. She laid out there for a while. How funny.
 She did this much of her puzzle all by herself!
 We made some binoculars.
 We actually got one good carrot! The rest are about 1/2" long.
 The kids snuck out of the back gate while I was watching Penelope, so they got in big trouble. They were both in time out, but Ruby kept asking Reid to come to her and they would hug. It was so sweet, but then their time out was longer. Haha
 He made a back yard lounger.
 Drinking every last drop of my shake.
 Happy 28 months to Reid! I can't believe he's older than Ruby was when he was born.
 Thursday night Andy and I went to Ruby's preschool parent night. The class room was so cute, she has a cubby, this cute sign, her birthday up on the wall... she's going to love it so much. <3


  1. Randy used to crawl in our bed in the morning when he was Reid's age. He got over it eventually! Reid will too. Will be praying for Ruby's 1st day of preschool tomorrow!! She will love it. Hope all goes well! Love you!

  2. Reid's gloves and Ruby's outdoor sleeping bag were very funnyz


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