Friday, October 7, 2016

School and silly things

The kids have been extra silly lately, extra fussy lately, extra tired lately, and extra fun lately. But that is just part of childhood. I've been extra tired lately too.... the reason is... 
Baby #3 is on it's way!

We are all very excited. The kids regularly hug and kiss my tummy. I'm 11 weeks now, and we heard the heartbeat this week. I've been writing baby blog posts (with pictures), which I will upload in a little bit. :)

In other news, Ruby is still sick. It's been over two weeks and her runny nose is not stopping. Maybe she caught another cold on top of hers, but it doesn't seem like it. For some reason she takes a long time to recover. I'm going to make some elderberry syrup to help their immune systems, and I've been giving them more vitamin D as well.

We've been dairy free all week, but so far it hasn't made a difference with Reid's mushy poop. Hopefully it will soon. If not, we'll explore other things that might be causing it. Poor guy. And he got a random little fever yesterday evening, then it went away, but it's back today. Below 100, but still. I have no idea what's causing it, he seems totally fine otherwise. He tends to get low grade fevers for several days, and then is fine.
 He brought this ottoman way back to the bedroom from the living room so he could push the buttons on the diffuser. Haha!
 Brushing her teeth before school. She's such a big girl!
 Reid and I run errands or do chores at home most of the time while Ruby's at school. Apparently he loves Winco.
 The GIANT bears at Costco. I don't think one would even fit in the back of our Pilot. They're $180!! No one in their right mind would buy one. But I'm thinking about gifting one to Randall and Sophie for their apartment... ;)
 We went out for an ice cream night because we could! Last treat before going dairy free.
Helping Daddy brush his teeth. 
Super early morning snuggles. This guy has been waking up at 1:30, then again at about 5. Sometimes I can get him back to sleep at that second wakeup, and sometimes he's wide awake. Makes for a tired mommy.
 Story time!
 He loves Grandpa Del's golf cart.
 Workout time!
 He also loves Bugga Boo Bunny and wants to say hi to him every day at preschool. I wish I could type how Reid says "preschool," it's kind of like "pweskoola." Pretty cute.
 I was chopping onions and Reid was stirring them. Made us both cry!
 The HUGE apples we got from Tony and Courtney's tree.
 He's so snuggly. Ruby was not a fan, she was trying to build a fire house.
 Notice the dog's loft upstairs. :)
 Workout buddy!
 We went to the library on Tuesday to get out of the house for a little while. It's been raining a lot already.
 We borrowed HiHo Cherry-O! It has been fun.
 We walked down the street to the apple tree we found last spring, and there are a bunch of apples! They look like they got some kind of frostbite, but they are relatively bug free and really good. We'll have to go down and pick some more with a ladder.
 Matching jammies, watching a lightning storm.
 Ruby at preschool. That's her friend Braxxtin on the opposite end as her. And this week at bed time she said, "Mom, I really love Oliver" (another one of her friends).
 He was "looking up the chicken."
 Having fun with Snapchat!
 Ready for the big Wildcard game! And we won!!!
 Running around the house. :)
We've been having a really hard time with Reid's naps on preschool days. He won't nap at 11:30, and then gets a second wind by 2, after we pick Ruby up at 1:30. :( Makes for long days for Mommy, and a tired, grumpy boy. He fell asleep on the way to the birth center on Wednesday, our appointment was at 5pm.
 She tried on Reid's little shirt! Hahaha
Strong girls! 
 Trying some water kefir to help with Reid and Andy's probiotics. I'm excited about it! It will take a few days to activate the grains, and then we have to let the first batch ferment. Then we should be having about a quart worth every day  or every other dayfrom then on out. I'm excited to make different flavors. We got apple juice to start with.
 We got some coconut milk yogurt too, and Reid loved it mixed with blueberries!
 She really loves building forts.
 Meet Elsa and Christoph from Frozen. They put on a play for me (but just ended up standing there and then finally sang part of a song).
 Taking care of the baby, getting some practice in.
In this Dr. Seuss story, one of the eggs in this nest is stale, and Reid kept talking about "the bad egg."

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  1. I always look forward to these pictures!!! And your dialog too. Fun to peek into the family. Glad your kids are SO creative!! You're doing a great job with them. Love you!!


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