Tuesday, May 30, 2017

4 weeks: Enjoying the weather

The weather has been lovely lately, if a bit hot. But it's nice for Oregon, so we've been outside a lot enjoying it. Little man is 4 weeks old now, and so big. I weighed him on our home scale, and he was 11 pounds! He's growing fast and getting some chub.

Ruby has another loose tooth, one of her top front ones. That will be cute when it falls out.

Reid has been soooo funny lately. He is really fun to talk to. One of his latest is:
Mommy, we're sharing a napkin.
Me: Do you like sharing with Mommy?
Reid: Yeah, because you're my best friend.
 Sleepy guy! He still sleeps the majority of the day, and wakes up every one to two hours at night. We'll get it sorted out hopefully soon.
 They were playing school, and it was so cute.
 We braved a trip to the library! Miles slept until the end when he started crying and crying. But the big kids were super helpful with quickly checking out the books and getting to the car.
Ruby told a cute story with this story tree and the birds. 
 It was awfully quiet when we got home! We all love reading. We got a lot of books for Ruby to read, she is doing really, really well with it.
 He's already growing out of his 3 month clothes!
 He likes to play baby.
 Ruby said, "Mom, I need to do a workout. Can you put on a 21 Day Fix for me, not for you?"
 Cutie pie!
 Story time on the couch!
 I love his cute, squishy baby toes.
And that sad face. Oh, and his little dimple in his chin too.
We found a new park with a big pirate themed play ground. Reid loves the sand pit. On our way to go home though, the car battery was dead! Thankfully a nice lady was leaving the park walking home, and sent her husband back to help us. Oh, then Miles had a blowout diaper while we were waiting...
 We went for a walk and this nice kitty found us. Reid loves cats. When it ran up toward Ruby she got scared of it. Haha!
 And of course Miles snoozed.
 Andy in the morning. :) We're not getting a lot of sleep.
 Little angel.
 What's this sun stuff??
 We went back to the pirate park the next day with Daddy. There were lots of little boys digging in the sand.
 Sleeping in the stroller.
 Water trickles down this trough thing into the sand, and it's super fun!
 Reid likes to share his animals with Miles.
 Saturday afternoon we bought an inflatable pool at Costco, and then the kids swam in it for a long time! After they were done, we hung out on the couch, ate ice cream, and watched part of Swiss Family Robinson. They loved it!!
 Such a good movie.
 On Sunday we went to a church in West Linn where a Ugandan children's choir was singing. They were really good! I took Miles to the car at the end to feed and change him.
This boy can sleep anywhere.
This is how we nap most days.
 I love his chub.
 Reid showed Miles his tractors.
 Sleeping on Reid's bed.
 More pool time on Monday! We had a fun, relaxing Memorial Day.
They like when I pour some boiling water in it to warm it up a bit. 
Miles had his first bottle of pumped milk and drank it all right up!
 We did a little back yard barbecue.
 And made dough boys! It was super stressful with Reid and the fire though.
And then he unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper. Hahaha!

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  1. Sweet pictures!! Love Reid in Miles's crib! And Ruby the teacher! Fun times. So glad you are feeling better. Can't wait to see you soon!


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