Thursday, August 3, 2017

12 weeks: Summer

We've been having a fun summer, definitely staying busy! The kids (and Andy) love going out and doing fun stuff. It's not always easy to get out the door with the baby, but we do it anyway.
 Grandma and Grandpa tired her out.
 Him too.
 We met the Jonses's at the zoo for Twilight Tuesday. Little Frances is so sweet!
 They had music on the lawn and the kids had so much fun dancing.
 He rolled over for the second time on the blanket!
 They love each other. <3
 Blackberries!! He's a good little picker.
 So is she, but she eats them all.
 I took Ruby to the doctor to see why she's been losing hair. The kids had fun playing doctor while we waited.
 So cute. We did some tests, and Ruby almost freaked out before they drew blood. But once they started she realized it wasn't that bad. The tests all came back normal, so we'll just watch to see if it gets worse/better.
 She's doing seriously good at reading!
 Cutie pie. His umbilical hernia seems to be getting a little better.
 I set up the water table and the kids had so much fun with it, especially Reid. I told them I would only fill it once, and they did great at not dumping out the water.
 He's been chewing on his fists like crazy.
 We went through the car wash... Reid doesn't love it. <3
 Evening trip to the Hillsboro splash pad!
 Ruby loves water.
 Best buddies
 Ruby drew this blue plow tractor for Reid. So sweet!
 They like picnic lunches in the living room.
During rest time, Ruby often dresses up in my dresses. :) She rolled up the sleeves.

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  1. So good that you have lots of opportunities for fun around you!! Miss the kids a lot!!! Miss you too! And the baby... little love!


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