Sunday, April 6, 2014

35 weeks

Only 5 weeks to go! If I went into labor today I could have this baby at home. Before now I would have had to go to the hospital. That's pretty crazy. The baby is about 5 ¼ pounds now (or bigger), and I'm feeling it. :) It moves around a lot too, which is fun.

I went to the midwife on Wednesday, and everything's looking great. I measured 36 cm, and the baby's heartbeat was 140. Last time I had a little glucose in my urine, but this time it was fine. I haven't really had any swelling except when I'm on my feet a lot, and my blood pressure's been low like normal. Yay for a healthy pregnancy so far!

Andy and I went out to dinner on Friday night and worked on our birth plan. It really feels like it's getting close, so it's nice to get things like that done. The midwives are coming tomorrow for our home visit. I've been busy getting all kinds of things ready, like ordering our birth kit, thinking through logistics, etc. Andy's on his last week of his Greek class, so once he's done he'll be able to help me get things out and fix a few things around the house. That will be nice.

I've been getting so many comments about how I must be due any day, and how you can't tell I'm pregnant from behind. I even had my first stranger rub my belly today in church. I didn't mind too much, but I can see how some people would mind. I've had several people tell me that it's a boy just from how I'm carrying it. There have only been a few people who think it's a girl (maybe one or two). So we'll all be surprised if a girl comes out. :) We're totally happy either way though.

I had a bad dream about the birth this week. I was at the midwife's by myself and the baby was breach, and they were trying to induce me. They kept telling me to push and I didn't feel like I was even in labor yet. I woke up kind of upset, and glad that it doesn't happen that way with home birth. Thank goodness!

I'm getting really excited about my baby shower this Saturday! It will be a lot of fun. My mom and sister are coming up to celebrate that and my birthday.

Changes this week: I'm pretty uncomfortable. I borrowed a treadmill from some people from church, so I'm going to start doing a lot of walking. I also did yoga yesterday, and it was really nice to stretch out my hips and legs. I've been out of breath a lot this week. I think my insides are all just getting really squished.

Cravings this week: Fish tacos.

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  1. We will be so happy with either a girl or a boy. Can't wait to meet the baby. Praying for you in the home stretch.
    Try to rest as much as you can! Love,


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