Friday, April 11, 2014

The zoo and a fever

 I think this week has been the worst week we've ever had. Andy's been really sick since Sunday with a fever for two days and a cough, and just today Ruby has gotten the fever. It's also Andy's last week of Greek, so he has had a lot of assignments, reviews, a paper, an exam, etc. I've been pretty miserable with being super uncomfortable and not sleeping hardly at all. After the zoo on Tuesday my whole body was aching. Blech. And yesterday was my birthday and I did pretty much no celebrating. But such is life. I hope next week will be better! Tomorrow is my baby shower and my mom and sister are coming up tonight, so that will be a nice distraction. I told Ruby that we were going to eat the chocolate tart I was making with Grandma and Aunt Cindy, and she looked at me with furrowed brows and said, "You need to clean the house." Haha. Not going to happen. Sorry Mom and Cindy. :)
 Napping. She has been having trouble falling asleep for her naps the last week or two, but when she does nap, she naps for a long time.
 Silly girl.
 She's getting so tall!
 Playing with her new bath crayons (a gift to her along with one for the baby).
 Another sweet sleeping photo.
 She tried taking my pregnancy photo on Sunday. It didn't exactly work.
 Coloring on Mommy's drawings. With no shirt on. :)
 Playing choo-choo train tracks. Or as she says it, "Choo-choo wain tacks."
 Holding our friends' newborn girl. Getting some big sister practice in!
 At the zoo on Tuesday with our friends! It was a lovely day, and we did a lot of walking. She had lots of fun. I asked her if the wart hogs were pretty or ugly, and she said, "Um, pretty."
 Watching the orangutan.
 Up close and personal.
 She loved the giant fish.
 With Karley and Hannah looking at the elephant. They're doing construction on a new big elephant enclosure, and she really liked seeing the tractor. And the helicopter that flew overhead. Go figure.
 There were two baby lions sunning on a rock with their mom. So cute.
 The kiddo's! Josiah, Karley, Ruby and Hannah.
 And back at home feeding her chickens a snack.
 I got a box in the mail, and she climbed right inside.
 And then licked her whipped cream beater in the box.
 She started her fever this morning. She didn't eat much at breakfast and I was wondering why, until I felt her forehead. It's been up to 101.9 so far, and she's had it all day. No fun.
 She took a nice two hour nap this morning.
 We've watched a few movies. She really liked Cinderella.
Holding her pretend egg. Silly girl.

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  1. So glad she is getting better!!! Cute Zoo pics. Love you all!


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