Thursday, April 3, 2014


 This week has been pretty busy and full of activities. I think tomorrow we finally have a day to stay home and get things done around the house, which will be nice. This picture here is Ruby making a salad, and then she kept "carrying" the salad with her tongs to a plate at her little table. It was pretty cute. She's just been loving to sing lately too. She makes up cute little songs.
Tonight when I was putting her to bed, we just had a long conversation about all kinds of things, and then she had a list of people we should pray for. She's precious.
 Making egg salad sandwiches with Daddy.
 Playing the piano. She got that book out of the bench and everything.
 Spaghetti face!
 We're starting her on Austen early. :)
 Eating cake at Penny's birthday party.
Ruby and Karley hugging. :)
  These little girls are good friends. It's Ruby, Hannah, Karley and Penny.
 Trying on her 3T coat. I got it on super sale, and it's a little big, but adorable.
 Looking at flowers with Daddy.
 Building a Lego house.
 She got to hear her own heartbeat at the midwife and was enamored!
 Riding on the purple helicopter at Fred Meyer.
Monday was opening day for baseball, so she wanted to wear her "Go Giants" shirt yesterday.

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  1. She is growing up so much!! Yes, such a precious girl!


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