Thursday, April 17, 2014

Scary RSV...

 Our poor girl got RSV this week on top of another cold she had a few weeks ago. It ended up being pretty scary! On Saturday evening we took her over to Guesly's house to check her out because she was breathing pretty rapidly with retraction. He admitted her to the hospital here in Stayton.
 She got an x-ray and iv. The iv part was horrible; it made me cry. She hated getting it.
 So once we got to her room, she got hooked up to iv fluid and antibiotics for her ear infection and lung infection. And she was hooked up to monitors that said she wasn't having enough oxygenation in her blood. So we had to keep oxygen going. We tried to get some sleep, but I could not sleep. I'm thankful to the Lord that I was awake, because I looked at the machine at about 12:30am and her heart rate was above 200. I called the nurse immediately and she had a high fever as well. The nurse called Guesly who decided we should transfer her to Doernbecher at OHSU in Portland. It was pretty scary. Thankfully they were able to get her fever down and that helped.
 We waited around for an hour or so while the pediatric team came down from Portland. When they got there, they sucked a bunch of mucus out of her nose with this vacuum thing. There were at least three people holding her down to do it, but thankfully it really helped her breathing. After that she got in the bed and she and I rode up to OHSU in the ambulance with Andy following. She ended up needing a little more oxygen in the ambulance.
 We got to Doernbecher at about 3:30am. By that time we were pretty tired. The doctor checked her out and we were able to get a little sleep. After that her fever never came back. Her cough was pretty bad and she had trouble breathing still.
 She and I ended up sleeping in a fold out chair together for an hour or so since she wasn't liking her crib. With Baby Heartbeat, Ruby and I, it was pretty crowded. The next morning we asked for a hospital bed instead of the crib, and that worked a lot better. We were pretty much confined to our room since RSV is so contagious. And all of the doctors and nurses that came in had to wear face masks, gowns and gloves.
 Sleeping in the morning.
 She started feeling better Sunday morning, but was still not breathing as well as they liked. We ended up staying that whole day and one more night. On Sunday at some point she was able to be off of her monitors, which was nice because she was able to move around a lot more.
 Grandma Patty brought a fun toy for her to play with. She loves it.
 All of her stuffed friends.
 Sleeping on Monday morning. She slept a little better that night.
 Feeling better. She liked playing with the water in the sink.
 Praying at breakfast on Monday morning. What a sweet girl. We got to go home right before lunch, which was great. We're thankful to the Lord that it wasn't worse than it was, and she's going to be just fine. She's been improving every day. On Tuesday I took her to see Guesly, and he gave us a breathing treatment to do every night, which helps with her coughing.
 Sweet girl waiting for Daddy to come home.
 Pony tail!
 She wanted me to push her in her dolly stroller.
 She uses my belly as an arm rest when we read stories.
 Building choo-choo train tracks with Daddy.
 Making art out of yogurt.
 She hiked her pants way up after she saw me pulling up my maternity pants. What a goof.
 She likes to sit in boxes.
She loves her train!

Unfortunately yesterday I started getting pretty sick, so the last two days have not been so fun. And Andy still has a pretty nasty cough, so we're a house full of sickies. Hopefully tomorrow we'll all start doing better.


  1. So glad Ruby is better, what an answer to our prayers! And we are praying for you and Andy too to get better before Baby Heartbeat arrives! New adventures ahead!! Love you all so much!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, Jill. So moving! We are praying for you guys to get well. I love you all 4. Dad


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