Monday, April 14, 2014

36 weeks

I was 36 weeks yesterday, but didn't get a post up because we were in the hospital with our Ruby girl. :( At least I got a picture taken! We are home now and she is resting well. We're getting so excited to meet Baby Heartbeat soon! I've still been really uncomfortable, and after the zoo on Tuesday I was not doing well. My whole body ached and I could barely stand up to do the dishes. I was pretty short of breath for most things too, so I really thing I have low iron. I got some iron pills and took it, and that made me feel a lot better.

On Monday the midwives came for our home visit. It was pretty short because we've done it all before. :) We just have to arrange getting the birth tub here and we'll be good to go. On Saturday I had my baby shower! It was wonderful. Not only did we get lots of nice baby things, but everyone also said some really encouraging words to me. I've been feeling a little down and tired lately, so it was nice to hear about how Jesus shines through me as a mom to Ruby. And that I'm doing a good job. Andy says all of that very often, but it was nice to hear from other people too. Now we have a big pile of baby things to put away. And a lot of inventory to do of things we still need. We got some gift cards for Target, so that will be very helpful.

Saturday night Ruby was really really sick, but I will save that story for Thursday's post. We're all exhausted though from two nights in the hospital and just need rest. We went to one of our doula Amy's birth classes tonight and left Ruby at home with Aunt Becca. It was great to get in the mindset for doing labor soon and to be able to focus a little bit on this baby.

Changes this week: Getting huge. I'm feeling a little better after starting iron. I also have started my easy birthing formula and evening primrose oil. Hoping and praying for a labor as smooth as last time!

Cravings this week: Chocolate tart I made for my birthday but haven't gotten to eat yet. :( Maybe I'll have some friends over for dessert later this week.

Link to Ruby's 36 week post.

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  1. So glad we could be together over the weekend even though it was different than we thought it would be. So glad we have the Lord to trust through our trials! So glad Ruby is better and we are praying you don't get sick! Love you!


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