Saturday, October 29, 2016

Enjoying the fall, and going potty!

It has been very fall-y outside. :) The colors are gorgeous, and we've had rain mixed with occasional sunshine. Everything is muddy, so the kids haven't been able to get outside too often. So we've been trying to get more creative with inside things...
 Like vacuuming!
 My baby belly... I'm already getting big. Andy had to get my maternity clothes out.
 Joel and Dana came over for dinner, and the kids had fun playing cars with them. We love our cars and car mat!
 Saturday we had a super low key day. We started the morning off by snuggling in our bed.
 We watched a movie, part in the morning part in the afternoon.
 And had some post-nap snuggles too!
 The kids wanted to do my hair...
 It only hurt a little bit. Haha!
Then Ruby wanted to brush Reid's hair. 
 We got a Chipotle coupon, so we tried the new one down the street. The kids really liked their apple juice.
 I had to take Ruby potty three times. I think she just liked going in the one they had.
 We got some grapefruit, and Reid loved it. He kept calling it "fruit grape."
 We love reading!
 He loves cooking! The kids both helped me make dinner.
 We saw the most amazing double rainbow. It was really bright and beautiful!
 He's just so cute!
 I looked over and this was happening... don't worry, it's anchored to the wall. :)
 We got lots of "twachia" (tractor) books from the library. He loves finding the steering wheels on each one. Haha!
 And they lined up all of these pillows to play hot lava. The library is a great place to go run around a little bit! Definitely more room than at home.
 We have this old computer that is totally fried. The kids have been loving playing "work" on it.
 We had our first big poop incident on Wednesday morning... I was making breakfast, and I heard Ruby say, "No Reid, that's not poop. It's an acorn!" So I looked, and then saw this. I assumed it came out the top of his diaper and that's all there was, but I was drastically wrong...
It had leaked out his leg, down his pajamas, and got all over the floor. Thankfully only one spot on a rug. It took a long time for Andy and I to clean it all up, bathe Reid, and get back to getting ready for work/school/the day. It was so gross!!!!
 But the good news is that Reid has been a lot more interested in going potty! He likes sitting on it, but hadn't gone at all until Friday. Then he went poopy and pee pee (x3)! It was pretty exciting.
 They've been refusing to nap a lot this week. So usually they have a rest time in their rooms, then they can come out and watch a little show.
 He's pretty tired when he doesn't nap, but I can't make him do it!
 Both kids had dentist appointments on Thursday. Ruby did so good and even had "the best x-rays from a 4-year-old" (from the dentist and the hygienist). Both kids' teeth are doing great. Ruby has two little places that might be pre-cavities, so we'll just have to floss extra good.
 They put some purple stuff on her teeth and it made her tongue purple. :) 
The x-rays of her teeth were so cool. You can see her big teeth growing down below her baby teeth. Pretty soon they'll be pushing them out! So crazy.
 Reid did really good too. They pretty much just look at his mouth and do a quick check on his teeth. He really liked the blue ducky he got. He loves everything blue.
 Our two cuties! <3
 We made peanut butter bars for a treat. I didn't let the kids have any, but told them that if they took a good nap, they could have one after nap. And then they did! We all slept for at least an hour, maybe two. It was the best.
 We made Reid's kitty ears for his costume!
He was trying to close himself in the fridge. Haha!

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  1. Glad they have good teeth! I always feel so sorry for kids who have rotten teeth because no one cares! Love you!


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