Thursday, October 27, 2016

14 weeks

The baby is the size of a lemon this week! So exciting. This pregnancy is going by pretty fast so far, and as of today, I'm officially officially in my second trimester. (I was informed last week by a well meaning friend that it doesn't start until today. Hahaha.)

I can't wait to get in and hear the baby's heartbeat again soon. Our next appointment is on Nov 7th, so I'll have to wait until then. I've been feeling it wiggle around a lot though, so that is so nice.

I've definitely had less nausea the last few days. YAY!!! Hopefully that's over. I've still been really tired, and often will be asleep by 9pm. We do get up early around here though, Reid has been waking up at 5:30, and a few times in the night too. I got a nice, long nap in today while both kids napped. It was heavenly. Otherwise, no naps have happened here all week.

It's really weird trying to think about having a baby again and all that goes with it. It will be sleeping in our room for the first while, obviously, because there's no room anywhere else. We'd like to move to a 3 bedroom house sometime in the next year, but the housing market in Portland is pretty crazy. Anything we can kind of afford is way out. I'd love to move closer to Andy's work so he has less of a commute. We'll just keep praying about it. At least we have a car that will work for 3 kids! And I don't think we'll need another new carseat for a while, our infant one doesn't expire until Oct 2018. Whew!

It's also weird that so much baby stuff has changed in the last 5 years since my first baby was born. Tons of new baby carriers and products are out now that weren't when she was little. And the AAP has changed recommendations on a lot of things. They just recommended that babies sleep in their parents' room (not in their bed) for the first 6 months of life. Well, I guess we're good in that area! We've always done that anyway. I think it was a little less than 6 months for Ruby, and probably 7 months for Reid. :)

Changes this week: My pants are getting uncomfortable! I had to unbutton them while sitting down all day today. They are definitely looser than my jeans I had for previous pregnancies, and I've always worn a belt with them. I think that's why they've lasted longer this time. And my shirts are all getting too short already. Time to bust out my maternity wardrobe!

Cravings this week: Not much. Mostly just not wanting things that are too sweet still. But that's never a bad problem.

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