Sunday, October 16, 2016

Reid turns 29 months... and a trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Our big boy is 29 months old now! He's older than Ruby was when he was born. I feel like we had our first two kids pretty close together, although they're a lot further apart than a lot of peoples' kids! I'm glad we're having almost three years between Reid and the next one, I think it will be a nice age gap.

Reid has been sleeping terribly since we cut him off of dairy. I'm not sure if that might be the reason. He refused to nap at all for me on Thursday and Friday. It's been so frustrating, especially since I'm so tired and need to nap myself! Oh well, we'll get it figured out. Some kids just sleep less.

Ruby has been completely potty trained, no accidents for a long time at night. That has been so nice! She has even been trying to teach Reid how to use the potty. He's been wanting to sit on it more often, but he still hasn't gone potty on it at all. I'm excited that he wants to try! I'm going to take it at his pace, and not try too soon like I did with Ruby. That turned into a disaster, and she ended up not potty training until 3 1/2. I think Reid will be earlier than that.
 This is pretty much what happens most of the time when we put Reid in his carseat. He wants to "buckle myself." But he can't actually do it. So he flips out when we have to. :( Poor guy!
 Reid and I walked into Old Navy and went right past the mannequins. So then the whole time we were shopping, he kept saying, "Mommy, I weawwy, weawwy, weawwy to see the doggy." He loves that thing.
 He has also been loving to vacuum, and wants to get it out every day.
 She put on a puppet show for us!
 Reid had a random little fever for a few days. It never got above 100.3, and was mostly there in the evenings for two or three days. I have no idea what was causing it! He didn't seem to be sick otherwise at all.
 Big boy! I bought him some 3T shirts. They're a little big, but so cute.
 Samantha Squirrel is so friendly. Andy tried to feed her out of his hand, but she was a little scared to be that close. I'm always afraid she's going to come into our house though!
 Mr. Early Riser. It's been 4:45 some mornings this week. 
 Andy made the sandwiches for us...  I'm not sure why he cut them all differently! Hahaha!
 Portland in the rain after church. Reid has been loving to walk lately, and is so cute.
We stopped at the Apple Festival with Aunt Becca on our way home. 
 The kids did really well with the apple tasting. It took a while to get them to do the toothpicks right though. We were supposed to stab an apple with the tooth pick, then take it off with our hand before putting it in our mouth...
 Double apples! There were about a hundred varieties to try. Then they were all $1/lb, so we got some  Honey Crisps and a few other kinds, and I made apple butter. Mmmmmmm.
 Making hand and foot prints on the blanket.
 Ruby found this "Daddy doll" that Aunt Becca had made at a gift exchange back at Foothills. She has been loving it.
 Ruby at preschool! Sitting next to her is her best friend Oliver. The other night she was going to bed and told me, "Mom, I just love Oliver." And then a few days later, "Mom, Oliver and I hugged all day today. We love each other." Oh dear...
 Reid gets to play for a little bit sometimes at the beginning of preschool.
 Brushing his teeth!
 On Tuesday the kids and I went to OMSI. It was so fun! Reid just loves steering wheels. Well, anything that goes around, really.
 And Ruby had a lot of fun in the sand area.
 And then climbed a tree.
 And we played in the water for a while.
 Then we went over to Daddy's train car and had lunch together. Ruby likes the bean bag chair.
 And Reid found another steering wheel!
 Back at home, the weather cleared up and we played baseball! This was the day that the Giants almost beat the Cubs, but then lost it in the 9th inning and were eliminated. It was so sad. When I told Ruby the next morning, she started crying. :(
 Story time!
 He loves to help me cook breakfast. Every morning when he wakes up early, he comes in my room and says, "Mom, can you make breakfast?" I wonder if he's waking up so early because he's just hungry... We might have to do a night time snack.
 On Wednesday we all went to the Pumpkin Patch with Ruby's preschool! It was so fun, and we loved seeing Ruby interact with all of her friends.
 Reid LOVED the tractor and talked about it the whole time.
 Finding pumpkins.
 Ruby and Oliver.
 Reading the sign. She's getting pretty good!
 Cutie pie.
 They had little baby sheep that were so cute. And new baby chicks too! Reid saw a chicken he wanted to chase.
 He went down this big long slide! I was surprised he even did it.
 Pumping water.
 King of the Tires!
 We all went down these two slides a bunch of times. They were really fun.
 Hay Ride! We were so glad Andy took a little bit of time off work and joined us.
 Picking out our pumpkins.
 Climbing on the giant spider web.
 More sliding!
 Our cuties.
 It was challenging to get a good photo.
 These sillies.
 Hahaha Not sure what they were doing here.
 We made crowns.
 Ruby drew them, then I cut them out and we put them together.
 Music time!
 Ruby put on a dress of mine and danced.
I love my family. <3

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