Thursday, March 2, 2017

32 weeks

Only 8-ish weeks to go! I'm starting to freak out a little but, we haven't prepared much for our baby. But we still have some time. We are going to a birth class at Andaluz on the 11th, so I think that will help us get more in the birth mode.

On Saturday we're planning on getting the baby stuff all together in the garage at least, in one place. That will help! Then we'll have to start clearing out spaces in our room to put stuff. I feel like we had so much extra room with Ruby as a baby, but this one will just have to be squeezed in!

We had an appointment with Marilyn, one of our midwives, on Tuesday. Everything is looking really good! She was very happy with our Whole30 eating plan. The baby is still head down, and I'm hoping it stays that way. She looked at the ultrasound results, and we're thinking that the baby's kidney issues will just resolve themselves. We'll watch after it is born for urine output and make sure that is all normal. The kids love watching when they do my blood pressure and listen to the heartbeat. :)

Changes this week: My size medium shirts are getting too short already! My belly is just about huge. 

Cravings this week: This Whole30 has really helped with cravings, I haven't really had many at all! We are eating super healthy, which feels fantastic. :)

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