Saturday, March 25, 2017

35 weeks

 We hit the 35 week mark this week! We're getting down to the end for sure. We're all so excited to find out who is in there. We are still stuck on a boy name though, they are the hardest!

I'm feeling sooooo much better, I'm finally all the way healed from our nasty sickness. Thank the Lord. It was so miserable! It's nice to have a little energy back. I've been wanting to clean and get ready for the baby too, so nesting has kicked in.

Last weekend we got out a lot of the things for the baby and washed them. We still need to wash baby clothes and diapers and things, but we'll do that when my parents are up here in a few weeks. It will be very helpful to have them here!

The baby is over 5 pounds now, which I'm definitely feeling. My belly is getting really big and heavy. The kids have been great at picking things up from the floor for me though, so that definitely helps!
Today we're working on a big to do list with things like finalizing our birth plan, planning freezer meals to make, checking our birth playlist, etc. I've got a packing list all ready, but we'll wait to pack for another week or so.

Changes this week: I haven't been sleeping well at all. The other night I woke up at 2am with a terrible foot cramp, and then I couldn't fall back asleep the rest of the night. It was rough!

Cravings this week: We're done with the Whole30 now, so we're reintroducing things. We all really wanted oatmeal!

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