Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Still sick, gymnastics, and school

There's not a lot of photos this week because I was still pretty sick all week. What a miserable flu! Thankfully we're finally recovered now though, and neither of the boys got it. I'm also thankful that the baby isn't born yet, just like when Ruby had RSV.

We are just about done with our Whole30! The kids have both become really good eaters, and love sweet potatoes the best. They will even try other veggies. We had roasted cauliflower, and they both devoured it. I love it!!!
 I sent them to play outside during a break in the rain... Ruby had a shovel and it was muddy. And so this happened. Poor Reid.
 On Saturday, Andy and I headed in to birth class. It was fantastic.
 Saturday night the kids wanted to spend their Valentine's Day money from Grandma Patty. So we headed to the toy store.
Reid bought this grabber and loves it! 
 Might have been a mistake to let him have it in the car on the way to church though. Hahaha
Ruby was still pretty snotty/coughing on Sunday, so she sat in church with us instead of going to Sunday School. She did great and enjoyed some strawberries for a snack. I've been having to send special snacks for the kids to church and school and things. 
 We went to Costco, and the kids wanted to help carry things into the house. They're such good helpers.
 Morning snuggles.
On Wednesday, Grandma Patty took Reid to her exercise class, and I went on a field trip with Ruby to the Oregon Gymnastics Academy. It was so fun!
Ruby and her bus buddy, Lily. 
 She got put in a little group of seven girls, and they got to go to the different stations together. Us moms just got to observe.
 She loved the trampoline!
 Having fun on the obstacle course.
 Being animals on the floor. Her group didn't get to do the foam pit, so they gave all of the girls a free pass to come back!
 On Thursday morning we drove over to Terra Linda Elementary to grab Ruby's Kindergarten registration packet for next year. I can't believe she's so old already! The kids found this lemonade stand. Ruby is really excited for school next year, although I don't think anyone from her preschool will be in the same school. She makes friends really easily, so I don't think it will be a problem.
 Then we drove over to Imago to play at their indoor playground they do on Thursdays. They had these cool bikes! And the kids had a blast. We'll definitely have to do it again.
 The kids played together so well. They've been fighting a lot lately, just because we were stuck at home so long with being sick and the rain. It was nice to finally get out.
 Hula hoop!
She's a little monkey. :)

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  1. Hopefully sunny days ahead!! Glad everyone is on the mend. I love the idea of an indoor playground!! Do a lot of people take advantage of it? Cool bikes!! Love you!!


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