Sunday, March 5, 2017

Maternity photos

We had a fun week. Saturday dawned sunny and beautiful, so we headed to the park to take some maternity/family photos! It was really fun. And the kids got to play at the playground for a little while too.
Reid is pretty much potty trained. He has even started to tell us when he has to go, especially poop! He does have accidents sometimes still, but over all he's doing great. :) I told him, "Reid, you're potty trained!" Then Ruby said, "No Mom, he's not. He still wears a diaper for nap and bed time." Then Reid, who was going potty said, "I AM potty trained!!" He's determined.
 Working out together! They really love joining me.
 Reid wanted to get up on Ruby's bed while she was at preschool.
Ruby was playing princess and wanted Reid to be the prince and to propose to her. It was so cute.
Then she kissed his hand.
Our photo shoot in the park! It was fun.
 Andy acted as photographer.
 And then we had Ruby take a few pictures of us.
She told Andy to bend down and kiss the baby. Haha
 Playing at the park!
 That's Reid hanging on at the front there. He loved the merry go round.
I found Ruby copying the words of this book. She's so cute!!
 And playing midwife, and listening to the baby.
 Mmmm... clarified butter! Reid has been eating so well at meals, he pretty much cleans his plate. Ruby still has things she doesn't like to eat, but she's doing better.
 They put on a performance for us on their "stage."
 I took Reid to the library while Ruby was at school. This was our first extended trip in undies for him! He did great.
 Then he had fun helping unload the silverware.
 After nap snuggles.
 Enjoying a tuna/romaine boat.
 We headed out to the birth center on Tuesday, and Ruby made this for Reid to read.
I'm not sure if I posted this, but I took the carseat cover off to wash and there was a big crack in the foam. Thankfully Graco mailed us a replacement foam, and then replacement connectors. All set now, being tested by Alisha! 
 Early morning time. He likes to have a banana right when he wakes up, then helps me make breakfast.
 Doing our 22 Minute Hard Corps workout!
 My splint helps.
 More tractor watching with Reid with grocery shopping.
 He loves it so much.
 We found a beef heart at Winco, Reid was fascinated.
 I got an Instant Pot for an early birthday present! The first thing we tried was hard boiled eggs. They were super easy to peel, and the kids were big fans!

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