Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sickness and Ruby's first lost tooth!

Reid has been in undies during non sleeping times all week and has only had a few accidents! He's actually starting to tell us when he has to go sometimes, especially poop. Which is great! He has been a breeze to potty train. :) 

Ruby and I got hit with a terrible sickness this week. Hers started on Saturday with sneezing, and then a fever. It hung around until Sunday night when it finally broke. I think the highest it got was 102.9. Poor girl! Then she got a cough and is getting over it now. Her fever did come back on Wednesday morning until that night. When she has a fever, all she wants to do is lay on the couch. I was going to take her to the doctor on Thursday, but she was feeling better by then. For me, it started on Sunday night with sneezing and the fever. Those first few nights I slept horribly, with the body aches, fever, hip pain, stuffy nose, having to pee, etc. :( My fever finally broke on Wednesday, although it only got over 102 one time. Andy worked from home for most of the week and was able to help me out with lunch and nap, and some other stuff with the kids. That was a huge blessing. Poor guy, he had to make dinner, clean up the house, put the kids to bed, do the dishes, etc. I was out for the count! Then mine moved into my sinuses and is still there. Thankfully I haven't gotten the cough. I finally went to see the doctor yesterday, and he said it sounds like it's the flu. I'm glad we're finally feeling a little better! Poor Reid just had to stick around home all week.
 I don't know if you can see the high heels in this one.... ;)
 Double Star Wars.
 Reid and I went to the zoo on Friday while Ruby was at school, before we all got sick. We got to watch the sea otter feeding!
 Watching the seals swim.
 We checked out the new Education Center.
 And watched the baby turtles eat too!
 Playing doggy.
 The new bathroom has tiny little kid potties. So cute! Reid loved using it.
 They had some classrooms open with kids activities. Reid painted a "tree." Blue, of course.
 And then we found some tractors working and he just wanted to watch them instead of seeing animals. 
 Saturday morning snuggles.
 Andy organized the garage and got down all of the baby stuff on Saturday, so the kids and I had fun in the house. We made fresh play dough, which is always a hit!
 At nap time... with her fever.
 Feeling a little better, so we played Monopoly Jr while Reid slept.
 But then he got up and played with us! He made a great banker and liked handing us the right color when we needed it.
 He was sitting in his room just reading this whole book.
 Ruby slept on the floor in our room Saturday night so I could check on her. She was pretty sick. :(
 Sunday morning breakfast helper. Needless to say, we had to stay home from church.
 Puzzle time!
 And back to the couch.
 Reid was really sweet and was playing doctor. 
By Sunday evening she was feeling a little better and wanted to color.
 But then Mommy got sick. :(
 She made a little place to lay down on their floor and did a puppet show for me.
Grandma Debbie did FaceTime with the kids on Monday morning and read the kids a story to occupy them for a little while. 
 They made a cute picnic.
 And the fever came back. She pretty much just wanted fruit while she was sick. We all stuck to our Whole30 though, which wasn't super easy.
 And the big news... Ruby lost her first tooth!! It was super wiggly, and the roots were sticking out the bottom. Then she was on the couch and it just fell out! She was so excited.
 All ready for her Tooth Fairy pillow. She knows it's us who play Tooth Fairy, but that's okay. :)
 So cute! She got $1 and was so excited.
 We got our first two baby gifts in the mail! This baby diaper backpack will be so great.
Sometimes they are so sweet with each other. :)

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  1. For having the kids and you cooped up all week, they did some pretty fun things!! Hope you are all well soon. Love the pictures!!


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