Friday, March 10, 2017

33 weeks

Here's the best shot I got today... I have been so sick. :( Ruby brought home a nasty fever/cough from her preschool, and I started getting it on Sunday night. It started as a 3 day fever for me, then migrated to my sinuses, totally clogging them. And now it is making it's way down to my chest. Really putting me through the ringer! It's no fun. I feel about as sick, maybe sicker than when we had RSV right before Reid was born.

On a lighter note, we are at 33 weeks now! In 3 weeks I'll be able to deliver at the birth center if I go into labor. Now that's crazy. Andy went through the garage and put all of the baby stuff in one area so we can get it all set up next month. We're getting down to the end now. :)

We still have no boy name... although I'm sure we'll come up with something. I think we're pretty settled on a girl name.

My lovely sister is throwing a little online baby shower for us, and we got our first gifts in the mail! We got a diaper backpack from Cindy and family, and an over the door organizer and carseat/nursing cover from the Clarks. We really don't need a lot, but those things are super helpful. I am so very glad we ended up getting the car seats all figured out so we don't need a new one of those. That saves a ton of money.

With being sick, I have lost a few pounds, which is not good. I've been trying harder to gain weight, especially with the Whole30. I'm a little worried, but I'm sure Little Baby is getting the nutrients he/she needs. I really am trying to eat more though and not lose. It's hard when it hurts to chew! I've been in contact with my midwife, my blood pressure has also been really low this week. Like 85/54 or something! Yikes. It is doing a little better now though. Can't wait to feel better!

Changes this week: Super sickness, body aches, the works.

Cravings this week: I don't want food. :(

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  1. It's getting closer!! So sorry you were/are sick. Hopefully you'll be better soon so you can save some strength to deliver your baby!!! Can't wait. Love you!!


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