Monday, May 15, 2017

2 weeks: Lots of appointments and an ER visit

It's been quite a week. With some concerns with Miles's breathing, we've had lots of appointments with the midwives, doctor, and even a trip to the ER for tests. Thankfully he seems to be very healthy otherwise though. He's gaining weight and was 10lbs 1.5oz today at his appointment. We have another one scheduled for Thursday to check in, and we see our midwife tomorrow.
 These guys love their little brother so much, and they're so good with him! He's a content baby and will sleep in the bouncy seat, swing, or rock n play sometimes, which is nice.
 Grandma and the kids planted our garden on Tuesday while she was still here.
Playing with one of Reid's new birthday gifts. 
 Bike ride!
 Andy built a little fire pit in our back yard, so we all enjoyed some family time outside. He had the big kids stay in the pool. Hahaha
 Cutie pie!
 Miles had his first bath on Tuesday as well. He cried at first, then ended up loving it.
 I was looking for Ruby, and found her like this, enjoying a book and the sun. <3
 Nap time! It works pretty well for me to nap with her and Miles.
 Miles loves Grandma Debbie!
 My three gems.
 His last birthday gift from Uncle Randall and Aunt Sophie!
 Grandpa came to get Grandma and made us a nice pancake breakfast.
 Mom helped me grocery shop by holding Miles pretty much the whole time.
 He's pretty good in the car seat and mostly falls asleep.
 Our kids love to read! They really like this new book.
 He's so good with putting Miles's paci in!
 Two of my favorite boys.
Such a little guy! 
 Ruby's selfie
 My little boys.
 He makes the cutest faces.
 He loves his little play mat! He was staring at a little rainbow thing, so Ruby is convinced it is his favorite. Every time he cries, she goes and gets it for him to look at.
 We love baby wearing.
 On Friday Ruby had a Mother's Day Tea at school, which was so fun. They sang us some songs first.
 And then we went to the classroom for cookies and milk.
We had lots of fun!
 Silly Reid. He never sits still. We have some very busy kids.
I think we have a picture like this of me and Randall when we were little. :) 
 So... at the midwife on Monday, she was concerned with Miles's breathing. She wanted us to see his pediatrician. So we went to the doctor on Tuesday. She wasn't overly concerned, but wanted me to come back in if he was still breathing fast. On Thursday I called in, and they had me get him a chest x-ray and blood test at the hospital down the road. On Friday they got the results, and he had some staph bacteria in his blood sample. So I went back to the doctor on Friday afternoon, and she decided to send him in to the hospital for more tests, and possible treatment.
 So Miles and I headed in to the ER, potentially planning on staying for a few days to get IV antibiotics. They did a catheter for a urine sample (he HATED that), and some more blood tests. They had to poke him twice for that because the nurse didn't see the second sample that was needed. Poor guy. The nurse felt terrible. We were about to do a spinal tap and then be admitted and go for the antibiotics, but the doctor there decided against it. Or rather he gave me the choice with his recommendation. He had called some expert doctors and they all said the same thing. He seems so healthy, and had no signs of infection or anything.
He was so sweet in the hospital and only cried during the tests. 
Aside from that, he mostly slept. Hahaha
So after that, they sent us home to follow up with his doc on Monday. 
We were glad to be home! On Saturday morning I made a lemon tart for Aunt Becca's baby shower, and Miles just laid on that pillow for a long time looking around. 
Ruby, Miles, and I went to the baby shower and had lots of fun. 
 Aunt Becca was happy to meet Miles!
So sweet. 
 Ruby helped Aunt Becca open her gifts.
Cutie pie. 
 Me and my baby boy.
 I love these three!!! This was on Mother's Day in the morning. The kids and Andy got up and made me breakfast and a very sweet card. Reid drew his first picture of a person (me), and it was adorable.
 Then we went to church... accidentally forgetting Reid's backpack with back up clothes. And we also forgot to ask them to take him potty... needless to say he had an accident and ended up in these borrowed shorts. Hahahahahaha!!!!!
 <3 Nap time is the best!!!
 Milk drunk
 Andy and I divided and conquered Sunday evening. I went to Winco with Miles, and Andy went to Costco with the big kids. Of course Miles pooped, so I had to change him in the car.
 His first tummy time! He did pretty good. And Reid loves laying next to him.
 He can raise his head really well!
 Mother's Day photo with my babies.
 Reid went to the dentist today. I had Miles with me, so they wouldn't let me go back with Reid. (Dumbest policy ever.) But Reid did really well by himself!
Miles snuggled with me in the waiting room though. 
 He's so cute!!! He has a little rash, so we've been having to do disposables. :(
The big kids both didn't nap today, and they were being super naughty this evening. :( So we got them all ready for bed early, and they had a nice story time with Daddy.

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  1. I love all these pictures because I love all of you. I'm glad Ruby and Reid are so good with little Mules Looks like they are going to love him forever and be a good big sister and big brother. They will be friends for life.


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