Sunday, May 7, 2017

The last few days before Miles arrived

Here are some photos of our week as we *patiently* waited for the baby to arrive. :)
 My big belly with my two big kids! None of my clothes fit well anymore, but Andy's sweatshirt was perfect.
 She made a sweet sign for the baby. She is writing and reading so well!!
 At Costco he said, "Mom, that's the stick hole where the stick goes."
 We tried inducing labor by massaging some pressure points on my feet on Friday night... nothing.
Snuggling with my belly.
And then we hiked up thousands of stairs on Saturday... still nothing. But it was gorgeous!! And then we were all waddling around the house the next day with sore calves.
At the top of the stairs was gorgeous Washington Park.
And here's me and my 40+ week belly.
 I love these guys!!
My boys
I'd been nesting for weeks...
 Lounging around eating some chicken.
 Sunday morning snuggles.
 The kids were snotty, so we stayed home and mom did Sunday School with them.
 Then we watched Toy Story 2.
 I can't believe how fast she has picked up reading. She's doing level 2 books now, and doing really well with them! She doesn't get frustrated when she doesn't know a word, she just asks for help and we help her sound it out.
 More snuggles with my belly. 
 Andy had been nesting too. Haha. He borrowed Tony's pressure washer and cleaned up the back patio and yard toys. Reid had way too much fun with it too.

I'm going to start blogging on Mondays I think, since Miles was born on a Monday. Some funny things about my births... I went into labor at 11:00 for all of them, just PM for my older two and AM for the baby.
They were born at 12:36, 11:38, and 3:34. I must like the even 30's. ;)

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