Tuesday, May 9, 2017

1 week: PLUS Reid's 3rd birthday!

Okay... major photo overload this week! But with a new baby and Reid's birthday, I couldn't help it. 

 Our big boy turned 3 this week! He is so much fun. He constantly keeps us all laughing, and he loves to "have conversations" with us about everything, especially tractors. We love him so much. 
 So... here's photos of Miles's birth. I will post some of the ones that our friend Cassie took at another time. This is of Reid when we went to see the midwife on Monday morning at 10.
 Then we went home, and I started labor! This is me trying to take a nap while having contractions, and not succeeding.
 Laboring at the birth center. It felt so much better to walk around during contractions.
 And leaning on Andy helped too.
 10cm! Into the tub.
 And he's here!!! This was a special moment staring at each other.
And our sweet little family of 5. 
 My oldest and my youngest.
 Sweet baby. After everyone left, Andy, I, and Miles had a lovely, quiet evening.
 We got some really yummy Italian food ordered and settled in for a really rough first night of sleep. Miles finally calmed down at about 2am, and gave us a little better sleep.
 But he was happy in the morning!
 Andy did most of the diaper changes at the birth center.
Getting ready to head home! He weighed 8lbs 14.5oz before we left.
Leaving the birth center.
On our way. He cried for a minute or two, then fell fast asleep.
Our kids were watching out the window when we drove in. They were so excited to see their baby brother again!
 Snuggling baby brother.
 They both love holding him!
 Sweet little guy! He loves his hands and arms up by his face.
 And he makes the funniest faces sometimes.
 All snuggled up for bed. He's a decent sleeper and sometimes gives me 3 hour stretches of sleep.
 She's such a good helper. She insists on getting a clean diaper out every time after we change him, so we're ready for the next time.
My little froggy.
Taking care of our babies together.
They both nurse their babies when I do sometimes.
 3 days out! My belly is slowly going down. I've got about a 7 finger diastasis right now though, which will definitely take some time and work to heal.
 So in love.
 This guy... he is a gem. And a wonderful daddy.
 Snuggles. This is how we sleep at night, it's the best.
Miles and I took a lot of down time this week and rested in bed. It was seriously the best.
 Cutie pie!
He pooped a ton the first day or two, and my milk came in on Wednesday, so the meconium was gone by about Thursday. On to cloth diapers!
 He's also about grown out of newborn size clothes. Hahaha The midwives came to our house on Thursday morning, and Miles weighed 8lbs 15oz, so he was back on the upswing.
 He seriously has the cutest little dimples. I love them!
 All wrapped up. He just snuggles right in and goes to sleep.
 Big boy!!
The Halls came up on Saturday! Quin was a great baby holder.
Snuggling with Aunt Cindy.
Reid helped Grandpa grill some hot dogs.
This is how we've been napping recently. :) It works pretty well! Everyone has pitched in with taking Ruby to and from school so I can stay home and rest. And also cooking, cleaning, taking care of the other kids, etc.
 We did a little family birthday party for Reid on Saturday! Well, there were about 25 people there. Hahaha So not little. He LOVED his tractor cake.
 Thank the Lord for nice weather so we could go outside!
 The birthday boy
 Top view of his cake. It was delicious, and pretty cute.
Gift time! 
 Ruby loved Reid's new tool kit.
 Grandpa ate the leftover cake crumbs. :)
He is the cutest thing.
 Sunday morning the kids did church for us.
And they enlisted Grandpa to help with the music. It was pretty cute.
Mom and Cindy took the kids on a walk to the park!
 Sisters with the littlest baby.
 Sooooo sweet. She really loves him.
 And so do I. :)
 Andy and Dad fixed the dryer vent, the sink drain, and cleaned up the back yard.
Reid's birthday morning! He is obsessed with his new tractors. Oh, and the baby too.
 He kept Miles entertained with his new crane truck. It was so sweet. I'm so glad he's so good with the baby!
We got him this Richard Scarry Cars and Trucks book. Both big kids love it so much!!
We headed out for the first time to go to the doctor for Reid's 3 year checkup.
 He's super healthy! And in the 72nd percentile for weight (33.5 pounds) and the 81st percentile for height (almost 39"). Big boy!
 We stopped to watch some tractors in the parking lot. He was so happy.
 We ate leftover cake after dinner to celebrate.
 We got him a View Master. :)
 Enjoying some outside time.
And all snuggled in for bed with our one-week-old.

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  1. Lots of fun pictures of your special kids. I love each one so much and it was a blessing to be around for Miles's birth and Reid's birthday!! Love you!!


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