Friday, May 26, 2017

3 weeks: Ruby graduates preschool! And a hospital stay

Miles is 3 weeks old already! He's such a sweet baby. He is pretty content most of the time, he does have fussy times in the evenings though. We have had a bit of a medical adventure with him.

Ruby had a really special moment this week. She told us that she accepted Jesus into her heart in the back yard the other day and that now she's a Christian. :) We've been talking to her about it a lot. We are so excited for her!!
 Miles has been sleeping in his little bassinet! Our other two slept with me for about the first 6 weeks, but Miles is already a better sleeper than both of them were for the most part. Answer to prayer!!!
 He's so cute when he just looks around. And he looks great in white.
 My big helper. He loves to cook with me.
 Reid has been sharing Hislisha with Miles.
Back to the doctor on Thursday, and then she sent us straight to the hospital. We ran by home real quick to switch cars and Andy packed me a bag of necessities. :( 
 We went in basically just to do more tests, and apparently it was easier and faster if we were just admitted. It's never convenient though. Ruby had her preschool graduation that night and I was really sad if I had to miss it.
 He did so good with all of the tests and everything.
And the nurses all loved his leg warmers. We had some nice down time, just me and Miles.
 He had an EKG, and then an Echocardiogram. He did really good for both of those. And then they did a heel poke for a metabolic screen, and he barely even cried! In fact, he fell asleep while they were squeezing his foot. Crazy!
 My little sweetie. Aunt Becca came to be with him for a little bit while I ran over to the graduation. :)
There's Ruby with her little cap! She walked with Kenna, from the other class.
 They sang some cute songs about Kindergarten.
 Receiving her diploma!
 With her teacher, Mrs. Nolan. We love her!
Afterward there was a little reception. This is her friend Oliver. I didn't stay long, and headed back to the hospital to spend the night with Miles. He did really good in the night, and woke up right when the nurse had said she would come in to check on him.
Ruby had pajama day at school on Friday. But apparently the night before she had found a baby slug and put it in a container, then Reid had squished it. So she was burying it. I think she was having a hard time with her baby brother being in the hospital, so the slug dying was extra sad.
 Morning snuggles.
His test results were all fantastic, so they sent us home with a clean bill of health! Hopefully this will all be over, and he'll just start breathing slower over time. He did get this teddy bear as a gift from the hospital.
"Mom, look. I have a jam beard."
 Ruby made this outline of herself at preschool, and even wrote what was on her jammie shirt.
 It has been HOT the last few days, so we've been doing water outside! Reid also learned to pee on the tree in the back yard, which was pretty hilarious.
 She loves him so much.
 This boy...
 First family walk! Miles slept through it.
 And Reid scraped his knee pretty badly. But he hates bandaids. :/
 On Saturday, andy took the big kids to Dozer Day up in Washington. They had so much fun! The line to ride the machines was about two hours long,
And I got to run errands and snuggle with my littlest.
Having the time of his life.
Baby construction worker.
Typical Ru and Reid... fighting.
We went to Orchard Supply and got these free t-shirts. The kids got adult size XS, and it's huge on Reid! They make great jammie shirts.
Silly guy.
She occasionally naps on the couch if Miles and I are napping in our room.
Bouncy bouncy...
So sweet.
My boys definitely look like brothers! That's Reid on the left, Miles on the right.
Andy told them to go wait in their room with their hands on their knees. So their animals did it too.
And then he washed their feet, like Jesus did in the Bible story we read that night. <3
So special.
What a big boy!

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  1. So excited about Ruby inviting Jesus into her heart! Special day! Loved Reid's dinner chair picture. Reminds me of you Jill. Never sat straight! And baby Miles!! He has a long torso!! So cute. Can't wait to snuggle him again!! Love you all.....


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