Friday, August 11, 2017

13 weeks: Ruby turns 5 1/2, and the BEACH!

Here's pictures a few weeks late from Miles's 13th week and our beach trip!

Miles got weird diarrhea and had it for two full weeks. :( I would have to change him at least two to three times in the night, which got tiring. Thankfully he didn't get dehydrated and didn't have any other symptoms. He's much better now. And he's getting big! He kind of slowed down on growth during the sickness, but he's right back to chubbiness now.
 Filthy face boy. This happens often.
 Happy boy snuggles. He is happy all the time!
 Working on our R's. I'm excited to do some preschool things with him this year when Ruby starts school.
 Making crayon muffins!
 After they were done, the kids mostly just played with them.
 Which was fun. A great use for old broken crayons.
 He always has to be touching me.
 Nap time! I've been putting the kids each in a bedroom for a rest, and Miles and I get a little snooze on the couch. It works really well.
 Hahaha He's so cute.
 I told Reid to go get his shoes on, and he came out like this, laughing and laughing. He's funny and he knows it.
 Library time! She's so pretty. She picked out tons of books, I think probably 50.
 Playing farm
 It's always so quiet when we get home with new books.
 Silly boy!
 Blackberries! They are so huge and juicy, and right down the street.
Getting chubby. His umbilical hernia seems to be getting better soon. 
We did Fun Night for Ruby's half birthday! 
She wrote a schedule. 
 Mother May I kiss.
 Blackberry turnovers for dessert.
 Blind Man's Bluff
 She got dressed for blackberry picking and got containers ready.
 Playing doctor with Grandpa
 Snuggling with Grandma
 Happy baby!
 They helped Daddy wash the car
 Morning snuggles. The big kids are both so good with Miles.
 Concert time
 And off to the beach for the annual Sprunger reunion!
 We walked down to the beach when we got there, and of course the kids wanted to get in the river. We didn't bring swim suits from the beach house, so Ruby went in her undies! Then she wore Daddy's shirt as a dress.
Hand binoculars.
 He drug the shovel back and forth from the beach house a few times.
Cousin Ryan with Carla's baby Marcus and Miles. They're just over two weeks apart. 
We all slept in a bedroom together. These guys did great sleeping in sleeping bags on the air mattress. 
 After we put the kids to bed, we went out on the beach to catch the last part of the sunset.
 So beautiful!
 These old tree stumps were neat.
Sleeping in. 
 The kids at our house. It was a lot quieter with just our family than when we all got together for dinners.
 Saturday morning we headed to the beach! We got a SportBrella for some shade.
 Moving a log, of course.
Heading across the river to build a dam.
 Ruby and Jonny were really cute. Little explorers. Just like Ryan and Cindy as kids.
Our setup on the beach. We quickly added lots more family members, I think there were 45 people total for the weekend.
 She loves to swim and get wet. The river at Neskowin was perfect for the kids.
 Grandma's turn! Notice little Beatrix napping on the blanket. That SportBrella was nice to have.
He loved playing in the sand.
 Nap time! We all slept on Saturday afternoon.
 Just starting to wake up.
 Walking over to the DeRoss's house for dinner/family time. My mom planned all of the food, and it was delicious! Especially the berry crisp. :)
 Soccer time! Ruby's really good at dribbling.
JB and Quin with Marcus and Miles - the biggest boys with the littlest boys
 Breakfast at our house
 Time to clean. Such helpful boys.
 Marcus and Miles. We have a picture of David Daniel and Reid at the summer reunion when they were babies too.
We all met at a park for lunch before parting ways.
 Three girls and our babies. Holly and Ellie had to leave earlier.
 Our three... they're so cute.
 Saying goodbye! Ruby and Reid left with Grandma and Grandpa for Cousins Camp for the week. We sure missed them! 
 They made it to Grenada! Straight for the trampoline. 
 And we made it home with just little Miles. He does pretty good in the car, thankfully.
He really is such a happy baby. :)

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  1. I'm so glad we could share some of the summer with you!!! Fun to relive the time through these great photos!


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