Monday, August 14, 2017

15 weeks: Late summer

We had a fun week doing summery stuff, trying to enjoy these last few weeks before full time school starts for Ruby. I can't believe our school years are already here! We'll be stuck to a school schedule for the next 18 years.

Poor little Miles caught a cold from his siblings (so did I). It's not bad during the day, but at night he gets all stuffy and can't breathe. Last night was really rough! We're going to try to boost all of our immunities before school starts, because I'm sure Ruby will bring lots of stuff home from there.

Miles isn't sleeping great anyway. The other kids went through a better sleep time around now, but not him for some reason. I'm lucky when I get a three hour stretch. Thankfully I've been able to put the big kids down for a rest in the bedrooms, and then nap with the baby on the couch for at least a little bit. Andy has been able to work from home a lot too, which is a huge blessing! He can sometimes step away and help if I really need it.
 Best brothers.
 Ruby wanted a picture of Miles with Sophie the Giraffe.
 They helped with bath time.
 She was playing with her baby wrap thing, it was so cute.
 I was laying down with Miles and Ruby was hungry for a snack, so she made this all by herself! She brought the peanut butter jar for me to open, but that's it.
 We occasionally let them read for a bit before bed time.
Sometimes he gets really sweaty at nap time because he snuggles under his fuzzy brown blanket. It's cute.
 Entertaining baby.
 They're so sweet with him. They rush in our room in the mornings to say hi to him.
 I got some new clothes at a consignment sale. Reid loves his wrecking ball shirt.
 We got this walker for Miles for $10! He's not quite ready for it, but he loves it.
 Ruby and I went up to pick blackberries. It was fun mom/daughter time. She kept saying things like, "Mom, here's a big jack pot!" and "They're just blooming up all over the place."
 Night time snuggles with my baby.
 And this is what our mornings look like.
 On Friday we met some friends at the park. Reid liked the teeter totter.
 Ruby had fun pushing baby Juniper on the swing.
 They love to play together outside. There's a lot of sap from our big fir tree though, and their feet get covered!
He's been discovering his feet. Hilarious!
 Ruby thought he needed all of these toys. He has been grabbing them and playing with them too, which is so cute.
 He's getting too big for the bassinet, I think it's time to go to the bigger one.
 Hahaha Getting his chubby cheeks.
 Playing on the couch. "Should we do feet fight, Wu?"
 Her third tooth was super loose hanging on by a thread. It finally fell out this morning.
Teaching her how to take a shower! And then she got her pajamas on and brushed her teeth all by herself. :) She's really growing up.
 Mr. Dimples
 Our two older kids started refusing to take a bottle at around this age, so we're trying to do it more frequently with Miles. So we can get a date in every now and then. :)
 They made these silly masks yesterday! We had to stay home from church because we were all sick. :/
 He was in the bedroom this morning just playing with his tractor.
 We got all ready and headed off to swimming lessons this morning. It was a little chilly today and it's at an outdoor pool. Thankfully the water was warm-ish. Poor Reid got cold though.
 We played at the park next to the pool for a little while first. He was prancing across the bridge.
 The windy slide.
 In the pool!
 Reid was pretty nervous. Our goal with this year is to get him to be more comfortable in the water.
Ruby's a little fishy though. :)

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  1. Hope this doesn't start a string of colds!! Love that the kids are getting swimming lessons. So important. Love that Ruby and Reid love their brother and are so gentle with him!! Happy day!


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