Saturday, August 12, 2017

14 weeks: Miles turns 3 months all alone with Mama and Dada, and Cousins Camp

The kids had such a fun week at Cousins Camp! And we had a lovely week with just baby Miles. I got a ton of stuff ready for a consignment sale and we did some relaxing. We sure missed our big kids though!
 FaceTime with our girl. <3 She thought it was funny to lean over the phone.
 We got some photos from my Mom of the kids' fun week. Reid loved the mower.
 Ruby did too!
 Washing the truck
 Lasagna! Ruby loved it and has requested it at home too.
 We had fun finding good deals on Ruby's school supplies. We got all of this plus more for less than $20!
Miles turned 3 months old on the 1st. He's so smiley!
Our kids all at three months. Miles is the biggest over all, Ruby was the chubbiest, and Reid was the tallest. They're all the cutest. ;)
 We went out on a date to Happy Hour, trying to beat the heat. It got up to 105!
 Meanwhile, the kids were camping at Juanita Lake!
 Carla and her family joined the for the day. This photo just kills me!
 Happy guy
 Hanging with Daddy
 We drove down on Saturday to pick up our kids, and we got to go to Karen's bridal shower too!
 Miles fell asleep while Heidi was holding him. It was fun to catch up with some old friends.
 Ruby loved the slack line.
 Family game time! It was short lived though.
 Carrie Bryner and her little girl Zuri came over on Sunday. It was so fun to catch up with her! Miles was almost as big as Zuri who was 2 1/2.
 We all took a long nap on Sunday afternoon. The kids were so tired!!
 He told me a story while looking at his tractor book. "There's three tractors but they're (quietly) ghostes. Just kidding, they're actually tractors."
 Sunday evening we enjoyed a little thunder storm! Ruby loved it. Reid was a little scared.
 True Oregonian enjoying the rain.
 We had a great view on the porch.
 Reid really liked feeding carrots to Harley the horse in the field behind the house.
 Goodbye snuggles. We're so thankful to my parents for taking the kids for a whole week!
 Andy had a work meeting in Medford, so we went over to Aunt Cindy's daycare for a little while.
 Cute Reid.
Tummy time with cousin Lia.
 Playing the quiet game.
Popular with the (little) ladies!
 And finally on our way home. I love that our kids read books and play toys in the car. They don't even know that electronics are an option. :)
 It took us a little while longer because of the baby, but they really were all great in the car.

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  1. I think this was the funnest week we had - dad and I keep talking about it!! And love that you came down too!!


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