Monday, August 28, 2017

16 weeks: Total solar eclipse!!!

The eclipse was AMAZING! I'm so glad we got to go see it. We also had a fun week, trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer before Ruby starts school. I am both excited for her and I'm going to miss her!
 They fell asleep like this, reading together. <3 They love sharing a room.
 Puzzle time!
 Then we did chores. Ruby helped with the laundry.
 Reid vacuumed.
 And they both entertained Miles on and off.
 Such a cutie!
 Reading time. I love that they love reading.
 Night time reading. Miles really wanted to read Reid's book too.
 Post swimming lessons. They love their swim bathrobes.
 We were playing the quiet game at dinner and Reid put the pot holder in his mouth and started shaking it, which made us all laugh and he won!
 She loves holding Miles.
 More reading!
 Ruby wanted to do some math before school starts. :)
He hooked his brother. Hahaha 
 Heading out to her Kindergarten evaluation with a teacher! They said she'd do great at school.
 While Andy and Ruby were gone, Reid played Grandpa John for about 20 minutes. He was taking care of his trailer, lighting a camp fire, and then swimming. It was hilarious. He didn't break character at all.
 He said, "I wish this leg was on this side, and that leg was on that side."
 Train time. I love helping build them, and then the kids play and play.
 He's starting to roll more. He's rolled from tummy to back 4 times I think, and is starting to roll to his sides when he's on his back.
 Reid loves holding Miles too!
 Ruby made a nest for Miles during her rest. She often does stuff like this or dresses up in my clothes. At least it gives Mommy a few minutes of a break.
 My three cuties.
 We went over to our friend Rick's house from our home community for dessert on Friday night. We walked down to a park, and stopped to ride this zipline on the way! Ruby LOVED it.
 Then Andy read the kids stories outside for bed time.
 Enjoying the last of summer.
Saturday morning game time. She did pretty good at Clue! 
 Wrestle time.
 On Sunday we went to church, then right afterward started driving down to Sublimity. We stopped at Shady Dell train park on our way down for lunch and a little train riding.
 The kids were so excited.
 We got to do two train rides. It's about a 10 minute ride, and the kids loved it.
 The old guys running the trains are so cute.
 Then we made it down to the Butenschoen's house in Sublimity. Cindy and her family decided to come up for the eclipse at the last minute! So they camped in the back yard.
They couldn't wait for their s'mores. 
 Baby Miles.
 In the morning they were all glued to the eclipse coverage.
 They were house sitting Betsy, the dog of some other friends. She's a Boykin Spaniel, and Reid just LOVED her. She's the sweetest dog.
 And the eclipse is starting!!! 
 We walked down to a field to get a great view. And we were joined by the Dessieux's too.
 Reid loved running around the field. If you look at the little sun spot at the bottom of this picture, it shows the sun eclipsed.
 I made paper plates for their glasses, which worked much better.
 She was amazed.
 Sister time! Miles slept through the whole thing.
 Getting darker! It got super cold too. It dropped about 20 degrees.
 And... total eclipse! It was SO cool.
 And so dark. Quin was running around saying, "Oh wow! It's dark in the middle of the day!"
 And it's over. Miles woke up super happy from all of the noise.
I put the glasses on him and he stared at the sun. 
 Reid had so much fun with a little tractor at the Butenschoen's house. He played and played out there.
 Time to go home! They're so cute. We decided to stop at our friends the Cline's house for a quick lunch, then headed home at about 2pm......
 We took back roads, which was a huge mistake. It took us 5 HOURS to get home. Thankfully the kids are really pretty great in the car. Miles had a few times of crying, but overall it wasn't bad. And SO worth it.
We did get to ride a ferry boat across a river! 
Pretty fun. Ruby and Reid both got sleepy at different points, but kept each other awake. :/ We were all tired when we finally got home at 7pm, and we ate some quick cereal and went straight to bed.

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  1. Fun pictures!! I'm glad the kids are keeping warm in their swim robes!! Love that they love reading and learning. Eclipse pictures memorable, so glad you took time to do this! We cherish the trip we made too. Enjoy every last minute of having 3 kids underfoot 24/7. And embrace the change when it comes!! Love you!


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