Saturday, June 18, 2011

4 weeks


We found out that we’re pregnant on Monday!! So I’m starting this blog for my family members who are not nearby so they can see my updates. (I love you all!) I’ll post a weekly belly picture and an update every Wednesday (hopefully).

My estimated due date is January 25, 2012, which sounds like a nice day to have a baby. I could go early or as late as February though, so no expectations here. That sounds like such a long time until then! I’m sure it will go by fast though, and then I’ll be able to hold my little bean in my arms. We’ve already decided that we aren’t finding out the gender or sharing our baby names, so don’t bother asking. We’re so very excited to be parents!

Changes this week: Well, I just found out about everything this week, so everything’s changed! I’ve been very hungry and I’ve had to pee a lot already. No morning sickness at all yet, and I’m hoping that I don’t get it very bad anyway. We’ll see in a week or two if it shows up.

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