Wednesday, June 22, 2011

9 weeks

(Now take into consideration that this picture was taken right after eating a big dinner :)


This week Big Baby is the size of a grape! It’s been a good week (aside from being sick and super tired). We told our families, which was pretty fun. I sent my Dad a Father’s Day card and on the inside it said, “I hope you like having a January birthday, because that’s when your littlest grandbaby is due!” On the outside I wrote “Open on Father’s Day over iChat with us!” But the Post Office put a stamp right over that. So he opened it up on Friday night and called at 10:30 saying, “I got your card!” It was pretty funny. So we iChatted that night instead. For Andy’s family we went up there on Father’s Day and were playing Hand and Foot. Andy wrote “Andy and Jill are having a baby!” on one of the cards and put it in his Mom’s foot. So when she was going through her cards she saw it and it was great. I Face-timed Randy and told him to tell Andy Happy Father’s Day, and over the phone I had Quin tell Cindy that he was going to have a cousin. Everyone’s super excited! This baby is already very loved.

I got a call from my Doctor yesterday, and she said that I do have a very small cyst (about 1.5 cm) on my left ovary, but it shouldn’t be a problem. It will probably just go away on its own. So that’s good news! She’s going to send us the ultrasound results to take to our midwife. We have an appointment with Carol next Wednesday, and hopefully we’ll be able to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler. It’s not always possible at 10 weeks though, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up and I’m trying to tell myself to not worry if we don’t hear it.

Changes this week: Exhaustion has set in big time! In the afternoons I can barely keep my eyes open, and I just want to crash when I get home from work. I think I’ve been not quite as sick feeling, which is great, although I’m still hungry all the time. I can’t eat a lot at one time though, so I try to snack on healthy things all day. My sense of smell is through the roof! On Saturday we were walking around downtown Portland, and I swear I could smell every place where there was pee and every person that hadn’t showered that day. Yuck.

Cravings: It’s so cliché, but I’ve been wanting pickles all week in the mornings. Hah. And I’ve still been wanting fruit and Asian food :) Cheese is not as appealing as it was a few weeks ago.

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  1. Isn't pregnancy interesting? Enjoy every day! I loved being pregnant... but enjoyed the results more! You are going to love being a mommy!


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