Saturday, June 18, 2011

6 weeks


Six weeks today. Our little bean is the size of a lentil now and growing fast. We talked to two midwives this week and really liked one of them named Carol, so I think she will be our midwife. I’ve been having a little pain in my left side, so I’m also going to make an appointment with Mabel, a CNM at Santiam Hospital just to make sure it’s not an ectopic pregnancy or my cyst is still there or something. I’m just one of those worrying types. Hopefully if she does an ultrasound we’ll also get to see the heartbeat. That would be exciting. It will probably be our only ultrasound for the whole pregnancy if everything’s going well. Only 34 weeks to go!

Changes this week: No morning sickness at all yet. I’m hoping I’m in the 20% of women who don’t get it at all. I have been very tired in the evenings. I’m also pretty bloated some of the time. As for changes, nothing drastic other than the slight pain on my left side. I don’t even really feel that pregnant, which is fine by me!

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