Saturday, June 18, 2011

8 weeks



We’ve decided to get an ultrasound to make sure that pain in my left side is fine. Best case scenario… nothing’s wrong and we can see a strong heartbeat. Middle case scenario… baby’s fine but I have a cycst on my left ovary. Worst case scenario… ectopic pregnancy. I’m a little worried, but not too worried. I haven’t had any spotting and the pain hasn’t really been getting worse, it’s just there sometimes. My ultrasound is scheduled for tomorrow at 11am. Andy’s coming with me, and we’re pretty excited to see little Raspberry.

The downside of scheduling an ultrasound is that now a lot of people from church know I’m pregnant! Our friend (and doctor) Guesly knows because I called his PAC to order the ultrasound for me. Her nurse Sheri is the one that called me and she goes to church. When we check in tomorrow I’m sure we’ll run into people we know too (a good friend works at the front desk and lots of nurses we know). Oh well. They can’t say anything to anyone because of HIPPA, but still. Sorry our my families who didn’t find out before all of those people!

I did tell my friend Kristen about the baby on Saturday. She’s very very excited for us. As am I. This is the week that we’ll tell our families! Father’s Day is the day. Can’t wait!

Last night we had some adventures. This doesn’t really have to do with the pregnancy, but kind of. Guesly called us at 2:30am and asked if one of us could come be with Josiah because Sara was going into labor and they needed to head to Silverton. I went over there and stayed until about 4:30 when Sara’s mom got there from Eugene. I didn’t sleep at all, so I crashed when I got home. Then I woke up at 5:30 when Andy’s alarm went off (he went fishing all day) and felt sick. So I stayed in bed for the morning and slept. When I did wake up at 11:30 I felt very yucky and morning sicknessy. But I got up and ate something and went to work anyway at 1:00.

Changes this week: Morning sickness! I’m not throwing up at all, but sometimes I feel like it. I’m pretty tired, but hanging in there. I’ve been trying to feel for my uterus expanding, but it’s not really feel-able yet. I guess it usually isn’t until 12 weeks or so, but it would be cool anyway. I’m not showing at all yet besides a little bloat, and my belt is feeling too tight so some days I don’t wear it. That’s it!

Cravings this week: Nothing! Everything sounds gross. Maybe pickles...

Update: We had the ultrasound today. The tech couldn’t say anything, but as far as I could tell everything looked great! We saw our little one’s heart beating away at 156 bpm. It was pretty cool. He/she is measuring at 8 weeks and 2 days (one day ahead of what I thought), but I’ll talk to Carol to see if she wants to change my due date. I’m fine with leaving it at January 25th. I like that day. Seeing the baby was pretty reassuring for both of us, even if it is only a little blob right now. The picture they gave us looks like a big grainy bean. Pretty funny. But I already love him/her! I guess we have to talk to a midwife/ob to get the ultrasound results. I couldn’t tell if there were any cysts, but the baby was definitely in my uterus. Yay!

And here is Big Baby! The head is on the left. We love you, Big Baby!


  1. AWESOME!! Thanks for the great Father's Day, Jillie & Andy!

  2. Yeah! That was fun finding out about him/her today! The ultrasound looks more like a frog though, so you might consider investing in an aquarium. It could be one of those ones with part water/part rocks and sand because frogs are amphibious.

  3. So glad it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy. Thank you Lord!!


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